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Universal – Mar 21 2018

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Clues Answers
“… feel like ___ man” ANEW
“Cease!” kin AVAST
“Fair” female MAIDEN
“Frasier” actress Gilpin PERI
“Hooray!” kin WAHOO
“Purple Rain” singer PRINCE
“Son” in a parable PRODIGAL
“___ there, matey!” AHOY
A couple TWO
A foreign coin PESO
A score and decade THIRTY
Animal park ZOO
Aussie hopper ROO
Basketball “D” strategy ZONEDEFENSE
Born, to the French NEE
Butte native MONTANAN
Castor and peanut OILS
Church instrument ORGAN
City in Texas ODESSA
Clipper part MAST
Country doctor’s day-off sign GONEFISHING
Exactly when needed NONETOOSOON
Fake flattery SMARM
Famous Siamese twin ENG
Fancy dresser FOP
Fey of “30 Rock” TINA
Fishing line problem SNAG
Flora partner FAUNA
Gave an oath SWORE
Give a speech ORATE
Government procurement org GSA
Greek letter THETA
Groups of notes CHORDS
Hank Hill’s “narrow” issue URETHRA
Happening now, as the game AFOOT
Hockey’s Bobby ORR
Horned beast RHINO
Clues Answers
Hotel or motel relative INN
In the know AWARE
Indian dancing gesture MUDRA
Involuntary sound HIC
It’s toxic POISON
Jogged RAN
Like house windows PANED
Make restitution for REDRESS
Men who could be queens? PAWNS
Modus operandi METHOD
Mold and mushrooms FUNGI
Nigerian capital, once LAGOS
Not normal ODD
One auditioning ACTOR
Part of history ERA
Play guitar STRUM
Points of interest FOCI
Raggedy horse NAG
Road covering TAR
Rock worth bucks ORE
Severely regretted RUED
Shark on two legs MONEYLENDER
Short breathing cessation APNEA
Siegfried’s partner ROY
Skating Brinker HANS
Some bowling coups SPARES
Some cookies OREOS
Some trig findings SINES
Soviet leader Brezhnev LEONID
Speak to a radio host PHONEIN
Sprinted against others RACED
Sticks a rider to AMENDS
T-shirt feature ARMHOLE
This puzzle’s theme ONE
U-turn from maxi MINI
What avis make OVA
Whitewater floats RAFTS
___ Quentin SAN