Universal – Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
“Ah, I see!” OHO
“Austin Powers” star MYERS
“Duck, duck” follower GOOSE
“It’s been ___ pleasure!” AREAL
“Who ___ has this info?” ELSE
“___ we all!” ARENT
’49 peacekeeping alliance NATO
’80s White House name RONALD
About 2 o’clock, directionwise ENE
Acquiesce ACCEDE
Actress Jessica ALBA
All muscled up TONED
Animated Ms. Krabappel EDNA
Attach anew REFASTEN
Bad sign OMEN
Be the first band OPEN
Bean variety LIMA
Bird Down Under EMU
Bring in for another checkup RESEE
Bump ___ (meet) INTO
Buzzing commotion ADO
Chest or closet wood CEDAR
Cousin of a raccoon COATI
Don Draper, for one ADMAN
Eagles owner Jeffrey LURIE
Edible meadows LEAS
Endangered antelope ORYX
Even a tiny bit ATALL
Exceed the limits OVERDO
Far from thrilling BLAH
Faux dairy purchase OLEO
Female domestic MAID
Fixes typos EDITS
Forever, figuratively EONS
Gets jazzy vocally SCATS
Harrelson on “Cheers” BOYD
How some get things done BYTRIALANDERROR
Hygiene variety ORAL
Clues Answers
Involuntary response REFLEX
Joe ___ (average guy) SCHMO
Kitchen lure AROMA
Language in Pakistan URDU
Late crooner Campbell GLEN
Latin love word AMAT
League of nations BLOC
Lethal black snake MAMBA
Like a fact TRUE
Like a prairie of song LONE
Like horrid punishment CRUELANDUNUSUAL
Like noble gases INERT
Lucy in the sky with diamonds LSD
Make the wedding COME
Man of Hannover HERR
Movie holders REELS
Nickel finish? ODEON
PC maker ACER
Pismire relative EMMET
Polly or Selma, e.g AUNT
Russian mint product RUBLE
Shoulder warmers STOLES
Soothing stuff SALVE
Stretched ride, briefly LIMO
Think over CONSIDER
Trail mix component NUTS
Urge on IMPEL
User-friendly EASY
Viking ship mover OAR
Walked like a giant TROD
Was a rat fink SANG
Water sprinkler? HOSE
Word from T.D. Jakes AMEN
Word with “firma” TERRA
Yachter’s “yes” AYE
___ by (complies with) ABIDES
___ through (succeeded) CAME

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