Universal – Mar 23 2018

Clues Answers
“A nice hint!” AHA
“Are we not ___?” MEN
“Manana” mark TILDE
“Old chap” kin GUV
Acquire GET
All worked up INAPET
Assemblages GROUPS
Balanced thing BANKACCOUNT
Ballerina maneuvers BENDS
Be a co-criminal ABET
Big name in registers NCR
Bimonthly tides NEAPS
Bothersome noise DIN
Brings back, as memories EVOKES
Burning AFIRE
Cop on “The Simpsons” LOU
Crow sound CAW
Dangerous UNSAFE
Dangerous mushroom INKCAP
Dived for gems PEARLED
Embankment LEVEE
Emulate a ’40s singer CROON
First lady Peron EVA
Get more Fortune? RENEW
Giggle sound TEHEE
Gumbo pod OKRA
Historic period ERA
Home for a hawk AERIE
Hospital sections WARDS
Include ADDIN
It can be interesting? SAVINGSBANK
It has a short plot NOVELLA
Like many judges ROBED
Lion’s lunch PREY
Living tissue injuries LESIONS
Made a decision OPTED
Clues Answers
Make the Pacific drinkable DESALT
Many or lots OODLES
Mexican dish TACO
Mouse target ICON
Muttonish OVINE
Noah’s boat ARK
Not fooled by WISETO
Oft-broken things RECORDS
Opera number ARIA
Palindromic belief TENET
Raring to go EAGER
Rating figures STARS
Rude thing to do at a party REDIP
Sayings of Christ LOGIA
Scotland’s Roy ROB
Securing pin COTTER
Shaped like a rainbow ARCED
Shortened a pinball game TILTED
Smart “League” IVY
Society page word NEE
Some wet deposits SILTS
Star in Cygnus DENEB
Struck forcefully, archaically DINTED
The Fed, for one CENTRALBANK
Thing to flip? ACOIN
Things on clothing LABELS
Till now ASYET
Time quicker than later SOONER
Toughen or harden (var.) ENURE
Turkish VIP AGA
Type of race RELAY
Urban corner shop BODEGA
Windows 10 feature TOOLBAR
Woolly creature LLAMA
Zilch NIL

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