Universal – Mar 25 2018

Clues Answers
“Cogito ___ sum” ERGO
“I saw that!” AHA
“Poly” stick-on ESTER
’50s toy weapon POPGUN
An amusement park fee? FUNFORONESMONEY
Authority SAYSO
Backtalker SASSER
Be a waiter SERVE
British count EARL
Cashew product NUTOIL
Church’s main section NAVE
Comfy TV rooms DENS
Common ’60s hairstyle AFRO
Corn container CAN
Courage NERVE
Cricket innings OVERS
Desert refuges OASES
Design criteria SPEC
Dog’s warning SNARL
Earthy tone ECRU
Emulate a bull SNORT
Emulating an entertaining jogger? MAKINGAFUNFORIT
Endangered cat PUMA
Enjoy a lake SAIL
Eye layer UVEA
Famous garden EDEN
Fashion’s Boss HUGO
For the mature only RACY
Former South Yemen capital ADEN
Garfield’s cry AARGH
Goethe’s doctor FAUST
Grub greedily (with “down”) SNARF
Had on WORE
Henpeck NAG
Humpbacked Asian ox ZEBU
Hunt for bargains SHOP
Hyperbolic sine SINH
Investigate PROBE
Clues Answers
Itemizes LISTS
Like a kite in flight ALOFT
Like no-longer-noisy hinges OILED
Like old newspapers YELLOWED
Mighty insect ANT
Milkshake relatives MALTS
Move through a swamp WADE
Mystery author? ANON
Narrate or relate TELL
Need pain relief ACHE
Newish money EURO
Newton part DYNE
Not up, not behind EVEN
Noted NYC hotel (with “The”) PLAZA
Organizes into systems CODIFIES
Pamphlet relative FLIER
Poems of homage ODES
Ponch player ERIK
Prickly flower ROSE
Reactivated a candle RELIT
Reason to go from NYC to L.A.? CROSSCOUNTRYFUN
Refuse to obey DEFY
Rubbed out OFFED
Scents ODORS
Sensations about a person AURAE
Show of affection HUG
Sleeve filler ARM
Small Greek house? FRAT
Societal standard NORM
Surrounded AMID
Thing on a baseball SEAM
Turkish money LIRAS
Urgings YENS
Western affirmative YUP
Western drinking spot SALOON
With great skill DEFTLY

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