Universal – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
“Dynasty” actress JOANCOLLINS
“I don’t care which” ANY
“Long” follower AGO
“Score, team!” RAH
“Star-Spangled Banner” word OER
“___ seen better” IVE
1966 Bruins signer ORR
A certain vice GREED
All good serves INS
Animated deer BAMBI
Author Bellow SAUL
Autumn flower ASTER
Be objective? DEMUR
Bean variety PINTO
Belonging to you and I OURS
Big rig, briefly SEMI
Binge JAG
Cause to act EGGON
Cold temps TEENS
Consult SEE
Copter landing site HELIPAD
Crawled slowly SNAILED
Drumstick-struck instrument TAMTAM
Famous falls NIAGARA
Frozen flavored treats ICES
Gets on board RIDES
Hairdo option BUN
Hallucinogenic tab LSD
Hardly long-winded TERSE
Hippodrome, e.g ARENA
Hubbub ADO
It’s stuck in a bridge TOOTH
Knoxville-to-D.C. dir ENE
Large stringed instruments HARPS
LeAnn with the pipes RIMES
Like a Broadway stage SPOTLIT
Like plus ADORE
London subway tunnels TUBES
Clues Answers
Long military engagement SIEGE
Luau lunch, sometimes POI
Make a knot TIE
Miss Piggy’s catchword MOI
Moe, professionally STOOGE
Monopolist’s amount ALL
More cornball HOKIER
More than desired NEEDED
Mormon founder JOSEPHSMITH
Names names IDS
Noted Dakota residents JOHNANDYOKO
Pilgrimage to Mecca HAJ
Precis RECAP
Procure GET
Put on DON
Recipe abbr TSP
Repeatedly AGAIN
Roomy car SEDAN
Roth, for one IRA
Sea eagles ERNS
Shedding neckwear BOA
Small duck SMEW
Stick your nose in SNOOP
Super man Christopher? REEVE
Sweet-talker CAJOLER
They’re run in hospitals TESTS
Thing thrown in Scotland CABER
Trades SWAPS
Trim 10 pages EDIT
Turbine engine plane PROPJET
Turkish big shot AGA
U-turn from credit DEBIT
Wall backers LATHS
Way to read in class ALOUD
With deep pockets RICH
Yankee legend JOEDIMAGGIO
___ for tat TIT

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