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Universal – Mar 27 2018

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Clues Answers
“… ___ spacious skies” FOR
“911” TV city RENO
“Family ___” (game show) FEUD
“Les Miserables” writer HUGO
“___ Lang Syne” AULD
A Stooge CURLY
Allegro con ___ BRIO
Atmospheric balloon probe SONDE
Author Joyce Carol OATES
Bag type PAPER
Be unquestioningly loyal DRINKTHEKOOLAID
Blouse ruffle JABOT
Boo-Boo found him bearable YOGI
Cabal members, often PLOTTERS
Chair SEAT
Charles on the piano RAY
Clay’s transformation? ALI
Completely complimentary ALLEXPENSESPAID
Conifer leakage PINESAP
Detection device RADAR
Emulate a volcano ERUPT
Farewell, in France ADIEU
Fingerprint type DNA
Formal order WRIT
Gefilte fish CARP
Gemstone surface FACET
Geneticist’s strands RNA
Go blading SKATE
Goods depository STORE
Hammer into shape FORGE
Hankering URGE
Home with a mud floor STY
Idiotically DAFTLY
Lacking color PALE
Lady trotter MARE
Language in “another serving”? ERSE
Clues Answers
Like an assured victory ONICE
Like luxurious sheets SATINY
Lost in thought PENSIVE
Map outlining a city PLAT
Missile name SCUD
Moneylender BANKER
No-no for some dieters CARB
Noted canal ERIE
Numbers to crunch, e.g DATA
Old Japanese capital EDO
One-on-one coaching TUTORAGE
Open with opinions FRANK
Pen for a pigeon COOP
Performed, in Genesis DIDST
Periodic table’s 54 XENON
Potato ID? IDAHO
Private eye TEC
Pursue SEEK
Rajah’s mate RANI
Real “Star Wars” weapon ICBM
Reunion attendees KIN
Rolled bones DICE
Russian range name URAL
Slip away from ELUDE
South American native INCA
Sphere of study AREA
Star of Orion RIGEL
Storage cylinder SILO
Tabriz location IRAN
Tittle’s partner JOT
Track gathering MEET
Ukraine’s capital KIEV
Unique mystique AURA
Unit of pressure TORR
Verizon, for one TELCO
Walk exhaustively PLOD
Was bedbound AILED
Word after “lymph” NODE