Universal – Mar 28 2018

Clues Answers
“Ah, me!” feeling WOE
“Animal House” character DDAY
A long time EON
Allowed by law LEGIT
Ambulance-chaser’s choice SUE
Angel’s light HALO
Audio component? EAR
Avid fan GEEK
Babish on “Laverne & Shirley” EDNA
Ballantine beverage ALE
Be all speechy ORATE
Born to a king ROYAL
Buttered thing ROLL
Carol contraction TIS
Common roadways + 1 THREEWAYSTREETS
Connecting words ANDS
Cubist Fernand LEGER
Dancer’s clicker TAP
Diet, in ads LITE
Distance letters KERN
Drunk as a skunk PIEEYED
Emulate a tobacco chewer SPIT
Female pheasant PEAHEN
Fighting force ARMY
Fill to satisfaction SATE
Geometry class answer AREA
German industrial city ESSEN
Gets around EVADES
Golden or false things IDOLS
Great delight GLEE
Hair-covered cousin ITT
Hawaiian freebie LEI
High-concept ARTY
Idyllic place EDEN
Info for passengers ETAS
Is desperate for NEEDS
Kvetch and grumble GRIPE
Layabouts LOLLERS
Clues Answers
Like a 20-degree angle ACUTE
Moms’ former playmates AUNTS
Most weirdly strange EERIEST
Motivating elbows PRODS
Night, in poesy EEN
Noted rock musical GREASE
Old-style “Down with you!” FIE
Old-time slugger Mel OTT
Opera part ARIA
Pakistani language URDU
Pamper or indulge CODDLE
PC maker DELL
Popular ’50s drink MALT
Prefix with “trust” ANTI
Quarter to lunch time + 1 SIXTEENTILLNOON
Relay race item BATON
Scottish girl LASS
Scripture part VERSE
Searching relentlessly FERRETING
Sneakily SLYLY
Softest mineral TALC
Speaker maker BOSE
Spot way over there ESPY
Stuff for a statistician DATA
Subtle attention-getter PSST
Sword type EPEE
Thing a performer earns HAND
Thing filed by many TAXRETURN
Throat infection STREP
Today has one DATE
Tomorrow, in Mexico MANANA
Two lovebirds ITEM
Ungodly things + 1 EIGHTDEADLYSINS
When to select a pew SUNDAY
With malice NASTILY
Word with “heart” or “back” ACHE
Worst turnout ever NONE

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