Universal – Mar 29 2018

Clues Answers
“Boo” kin HISS
“How ___ you?” ARE
Affirmative YES
Antecede PREDATE
Any judge, at times HEARER
App maker CODER
Bellies up to NEARS
Beverly Wilshire feature SPA
Birth-related NATAL
Blend in bowls STIR
Brushed thing TOOTH
Cans in Britain TINS
Cockney roll call answer ERE
Corn unit EAR
Cranium center? ANI
Crayola option RED
Delayed from acting ATBAY
Departer GOER
Dine SUP
Do film work ACT
Dr. with seven faces LAO
Dude relative BRO
Dueling weapons EPEES
Egyptian river NILE
Embodiment EPITOME
Facial feature CHEEKBONE
Fancy eggs OVA
Faun relative SATYR
Fed. publisher GPO
Free-thinking OPEN
Gobsmack WOW
Greek letter PHI
Hawaiian serving POI
High-altitude weather probe SONDE
Hollywood joe jape? (Beginning) ACTORALPACINOIS
Hollywood joe jape? (Ending) WAYTOCAPPUCCINO
Hollywood joe jape? (Middle) NOTRELATEDINANY
Clues Answers
Invisible energy source ATOM
Isn’t badly? AINT
It has a mark SCAM
It has an eye on TV CBS
It may be charted SONG
Legendary automaton GOLEM
Milk-related LACTIC
Motorcycle part THROTTLE
Muslim sect SUNNI
Neither this nor that OTHER
Not moving IDLE
Nut going around and around LUG
Operatic voice TENOR
Out-there guess STAB
Pasta variety PENNE
Pilot verbally? AVIATE
Poetic T.S ELIOT
Porky proboscis SNOUT
Prepare for a selfie POSE
Proceeds along WENDS
Projecting window ORIEL
Rural field LEA
Saloon necessity BAR
Seats at 19-Across STOOLS
Self-centered excursions EGOTRIPS
Shuttered CLOSED
Some Broadway offerings REVUES
Some whales ORCAS
Sounds of astonishment OOHS
Summer ermine STOAT
Swelling reducer ICEPACK
Troy’s war story ILIAD
U-turn from cathode ANODE
Versatile truck, briefly UTE
Was picky OPTED
Writer Jules VERNE
Yang go-with YIN

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