Universal – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
___-bo (workout) TAE
“Angeles” front LOS
“Downton Abbey” character CORA
“Got it?” SEE
“Mom” network CBS
“Santa” chaser ANA
A sense for many COMMON
Allow LET
Alums next yr. SRS
Avoids (with “of”) STEERS CLEAR
Be a suitor of WOO
Bear witness ATTEST
Bon ___ AMI
Catcher’s gear MITT
Challenge acceptor DARER
Classic band, with “The” BEATLES
Clemency granter PARDONER
Comet feature TAIL
Cowboy circus RODEO
Daycare enrollee TOT
Delete ERASE
Do some shoe repair RESOLE
Effect go-with CAUSE
End ___ (customer) USER
Exemplary STELLAR
Extremely hungry SHARPEST
Feature of part or father SOFTA
George W.’s first lady LAURA
Government head PREMIER
Guy turkeys TOMS
Himalayan legend YETI
In fashion CHIC
Metallic ax STEEL GUITAR
Musical skill EAR
On a wet voyage ATSEA
Open grazing field LEA
Pitching stat ERA
Pizza maker’s stuff DOUGH
Places of trauma ERS
Places to buy chips CASINOS
Providers of dos SALONS
Purpose of recycling REUSE
Puts those hands together CLAPS
Relating to sound PHONIC
Ship’s bottom HULL
Skipjack’s back STERN
Small cavern, in poetry GROT
Some mushrooms MORELS
Some religious teachers SWAMIS
Suite place HOTEL
Sunshine unit RAY
Sword type SABER
They’re a world apart POLES
Thing to put in your pants CREASE
Throat ailment STREP
To a great distance AFAR
Twists about SLUES
We might come before it? ARE
Weather shelter STORM CELLAR
Wheel tracks RUTS
Whine while snuffling BLUB
Word with “welcome” YOURE
Work with stanzas ODE
Yogi the baseball legend BERRA

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