Universal – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
“Hit ’em where they ___” AINT
“Lord Jim” novelist CONRAD
“O Come, All Ye Faithful,” e.g HYMN
“Plasm” prefix ECTO
“Take ___ a blessing” ITAS
“___ make a difference” ITD
60th anniversary celebrations DIAMONDJUBILEES
A “Three B” of music BACH
Actress Mendes EVA
Advertising circular INSERT
Any movie villain EVILDOER
Attachment to “your” SELF
Benefits petitioner CLAIMANT
Big clippers SHEARS
Bit of baby talk MAMA
Board a vehicle ENTER
Boot-shaped country ITALY
Certain Himalayan NEPALI
Christen anew RENAME
Cocktail party spreads PATES
Company currency SCRIP
Drum starter? HUM
Editor or tailor ALTERER
Elizabeth of cosmetics ARDEN
Entirely INTOTO
Excellent serve ACE
Eye inappropriately OGLE
Forensics strands DNA
Grass beard AWN
Hailing from Beirut LEBANESE
Hand axes, e.g STONEAGETOOLS
High-end kitchen features GRANITECOUNTERS
Hostilities ANIMUSES
It’s up for debate TOPIC
Jaded and tired WEARY
Jungle creature APE
Lake Huron’s neighbor ERIE
Leather-piercing tool AWL
Clues Answers
Lodging place INN
Major airport HUB
Mao’s realm REDCHINA
Mark of infamy STIGMA
Mideast’s Gulf of ___ ADEN
More than teared up WEPT
NetherlandsГ%82В Antilles resort ARUBA
Not corpulent LEAN
Old plains dwelling (var.) TEEPEE
Olympics competitor USA
One partner ONLY
Out of shape? BENT
Palindromic Bobbsey NAN
Phantomlike SPECTRAL
PotassiumГ%82В hydroxide cleaner LYE
Press finisher? URE
Prince of India RAJA
Provide funding ENDOW
Put away STORE
Rush job notation ASAP
Sally Field role SYBIL
Small brook RILL
Something a dog follows SCENT
Spiked, as punch LACED
Start or beginning ONSET
Sun-blocking letters SPF
Sword beater, it’s said PEN
Thing built in the gym BOD
Type of shirt or square TEE
Upholstered wall decoration ARRAS
Vase type MING
Very ready to go EAGER
Wax maker BEE
Woody dwelling CABIN
Word that stops the pouring WHEN
Work boot features TOECAPS
___ spumante ASTI
___-di-dah LAH

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