Universal – Mar 31 2018

Clues Answers
“1 inch = 100 miles,” e.g SCALE
“___ known all along” IVE
2001 biopic film ALI
45-Down outputs CASTINGS
Backstreet ALLEY
Basic feature ESSENCE
Biblical spy CALEB
Big Mac ingredient SAUCE
Book leaf FOLIO
Broadcast portion AUDIO
Bus terminal? ESS
Causes impurity TAINTS
Cletus and Jethro, for two HILLBILLIES
Closing chapter EPILOGUE
Dance with kicks CANCAN
Deuce-ace combo TRINE
Divided, as windows PANED
Divisions of groups SCHISMS
Door attachment HINGE
Fall beverage CIDER
Flexible wood strips SPLINES
Flow out EBB
Founders’ formers MOLDS
From when money is due BILLINGDATE
Gets one’s feet wet? WADES
Hair-care items GELS
Heavy metal band? MANACLE
High, rocky hill TOR
Hindered in muck MIRED
Huge hit SMASH
Like 21, but not 22 ODD
Loses ruddiness PALES
Magnet suffix ISM
Make a run for it FLEE
Making less sense INANER
Model 3 and Model S TESLAS
More than liked LOVED
Clues Answers
Music from Jamaica SKA
Muslim deity ALLAH
Name on many waists LEE
Needing hydration THIRSTY
No score, in soccer NIL
Passover repast SEDER
Perimeter EDGE
Perrins partner LEA
Plains Native American UTE
Play area STAGE
Put a worm on a hook BAITED
Rabbit relatives HARES
Rare inside PINKISH
Red and white store? WINESHOP
Relaxing, in slang CHILLINGOUT
Renders an autograph SIGNS
Rising agent YEAST
Side-to-side movement YAW
Slangy 180-degree turn UIE
Some crackers SALTINES
Some fridges GES
Soprano Maria CALLAS
State of volunteers? WILLINGNESS
Steinbeck’s birthplace SALINAS
Stork relative EGRET
Striking polo gear MALLETS
Superlative rating AONE
Swipes, old-style NIMS
They can be the pits SEEDS
They make touching points EPEES
Thing in a Brit’s boot? SPARE
To a complete degree ALL
Way to school BUS
Wee quantities IOTAS
Where Singaraja is BALI
Words before “directed” USEAS
Yale student ELI

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