Universal – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
___ over (helped to endure) TIDED
“___ the night before …” TWAS
“Musket” end EER
“Thesis” start ANTI
A foreign currency unit LEU
Acupuncture necessity NEEDLE
Affectionate terms ENDEARMENTS
Air pressure letters PSI
All over again ANEW
Approached NEARED
Arms control subject TESTBAN
Bauxite, e.g. ORE
Bridge length SPAN
Brother of Moses AARON
Bumper sticker kin DECAL
Buttonless shirt TEE
Chopped wood measure STERE
Churchyard’s nickname GODSACRE
Cream of the crop BEST
D.A.’s, essentially ACCUSERS
Damage, as a surface MAR
Dance with a queen PROM
Diddly-squat NIL
Diminutive ender LET
Extracted metal from SMELTED
Fashion plate FOP
Fluttery-leaved tree ASPEN
Genius Einstein ALBERT
Get – start link ALATE
Get in the way of IMPEDE
Grandson in Genesis ENOS
Holmes’ creator DOYLE
Hoped-for merger result SYNERGY
Huge groups MASSES
Imply necessarily ENTAIL
Insisted on DEMANDED
Kiln kin OVEN
Light benders PRISMS
Like a notched leaf EROSE
Like jokes you’ve heard OLD
Little pound cries YIPS
Little rascal IMP
Make drinkable, as sea water DESALT
Not once, poetically NEER
Of no avail USELESS
Perk for an athlete ENDORSEMENT
Petroleum plant REFINERY
Picnic pest BEE
Pirate’s potation GROG
Places of human growth UTERI
Powdered cleanser BORAX
Ready-for-market goods END PRODUCTS
Same, in footnotes IDEM
Sax player’s need REED
Semi trucks RIGS
Shakespeare lover? ROMEO
Sired, in Exodus BEGAT
Skin designs, briefly TATS
Small brown finch LINNET
Snaked place DRAIN
Someplace ___ (away) ELSE
Spookily strange EERIE
Suffix for the directions ERN
Summed thing ADDEND
Tennis match start SERVE
Thieves’ place DEN
Tolkien monster ORC
Toothpaste-pushing org. ADA
Type of cavity SINUS
Type, as of animals BREED
Under the weather ILL
Utter SAY
Weeps SOBS
With no duration ENDLESSNESS
Yukon area, for short TERR

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