Universal – Mar 5 2018

Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 5 2018 

Clues Answers
“101” class type INTRO
“Clear the ___!” AREA
“Have-to” chores MUSTS
“Oh, yes!” GOODY
“What’s your sine?” subject TRIG
Accident MISHAP
Activity center LOCUS
Actor’s representative AGENT
Animal mouths MAWS
Arctic domicile IGLOO
Argentine grassland LLANO
Balloon material LATEX
Bamboo eaters PANDAS
Barrier maker FENCE
Be a successful seeker FIND
Big-time rooter FAN
Break in the action LULL
Brewers or Mariners TEAM
Carol SONG
Certain Saudi ARAB
Choice marble TAW
Contact or telephoto LENS
Cooler room CELL
Copy a pigeon COO
Cruise stopover ISLE
Deep bow of respect SALAAM
Deli breads RYES
Didn’t have to guess KNEW
Dining-out reading MENU
Do a self-examination? LOOK FOR YOURSELF
Draw forth EDUCE
Drop a pop-up ERR
Dry dishes WIPE
Eagle near water ERNE
Familiar episode RERUN
Faucets TAPS
Feeling worse ILLER
French vineyard CRU
Huge bird EMU
IHOP condiment SYRUP
It’s for valuables SAFE
Jails, slangily POKEYS
Like monks MONASTIC
Literary bear POOH
Lomond or 35-Down LOCH
Matures AGES
Miner’s quest LODE
Mineralogical stuff ORES
Musician’s prop STAND
Mysterious Scottish lake NESS
Old Irish language ERSE
On a yacht ASEA
One way to ring TRUE
Out there, humorwise EDGY
Pa. port ERIE
Parallel grooves STRIA
Pat or caress TOUCH
Piano variety GRAND
Pick up from school? LEARN
Put your finger on FEEL
Remove a medal UNPIN
Reo’s road contemporary ESSEX
Some HS students SOPHS
Standoffish ALOOF
Start an interest in TAKEUP
Super computer whiz UBER GEEK
Tear out and make over REDO
Trims bushes PRUNES
Valley of grapes NAPA
Visual feelings detector SEARCHING GLANCE
Volleyball filler AIR
Wallet stuffing ONES
Where a Toledo is SPAIN
Woods structure LODGE
Word with “drive” TEST

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