Universal – Mar 6 2018

Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 6 2018 

Clues Answers
“King” preceder ALA
A, in communications ALFA
Arctic vehicles SLEDS
Banned bug-killer DDT
Better – nothing link THAN
Bjorn the racketeer BORG
Bolt via foot RUN
Burrowing nocturnal hooter? NIGHT OWL CRAWLER
Bygone time period YORE
Cabbage on the side SLAW
Cheesy sandwiches MELTS
Columbus ship PINTA
Consist of ENTAIL
Creepy cousin ITT
Crowning piece? TIARA
Dance initiator SONG
Defeat, just EDGE
Delphi diviner ORACLE
Expensive house attachment? PENT
Faucet problems DRIPS
Flying off the shelves HOT
Franz Mesmer, for “mesmerize” EPONYM
Full of pretensions ARTY
Have a flat? RENT
Head-turning sound PSST
Huge landmass ASIA
Incomplete pooch abode? HALFWAY DOG HOUSE
Is a braggart GLOATS
It grows on you HAIR
It listens EAR
It’s smelly NOSE
James ___ Garfield ABRAM
Jet variety LEAR
Kin of “Shoot!” DRAT
Labors TOILS
Lean to a side TILT
Lily variety SEGO
Lowly playing cards TREYS
Marine eagle ERNE
Mean-spirited NASTY
Meccan, for one SAUDI
Mole SPY
Music staff symbol CLEF
Need a pain reliever ACHE
Noah’s landing site ARARAT
Norma in a film title RAE
Not a copy ORIGINAL
Oran native ALGERIAN
Perfume from flowers ATTAR
Plowed land TILLAGE
Postage necessity STAMP
Recipe abbr. TBSP
Regain, as a title REWIN
Rockwell and Bradford SAMS
Rope fiber SISAL
Ruler of old TSAR
Sailor’s time off LIBERTY
Screened HID
Seed cover ARIL
Served seconds REFED
Shipping refrigerant DRY ICE
Spanish-speaking country CHILE
Swing supporter LIMB
Tale spanning decades SAGA
Techie’s “You reap what you sow” GIGO
Title for a Khan AGHA
Twelve p.m. NOONDAY
Type of missile SCUD
Use a lever PRY
Various females SHES
Victrola, briefly PHONO
Water director PIPE
With a twist? AWRY
Woodland goat-man SATYR

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