Universal – Mar 7 2018

Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 

Clues Answers
___ apso (pooch) LHASA
___ vera ALOE
“All done!” THERE
“Have mercy!” e.g. PLEA
“Untouchable” Eliot NESS
51-Down family CLAN
A Great Lake ERIE
Air freshener scent LILAC
All-out attack SIEGE
Alphabet? Alpha-best! (Part 1) REVERE THE LETTER
Alphabet? Alpha-best! (Part 2) PORYOURPHARMACY
Alphabet? Alpha-best! (Part 3) BECOMESAHARMACY
Animated Flanders NED
Anxiety-ridden TENSE
Bangkok money BAHT
Be bombastic ORATE
Before, in poetry ERE
Bossy utterance? MOO
Branded breath mint unit CERT
Brown ermines STOATS
Burn with liquid SCALD
Buyer attractor SALE
Cassius after 1964 MUHAMMAD
Certain grad MBA
Christmas item TREE
Colorado resort ASPEN
Crystalline, flaky rock SCHIST
Damage MAR
Damascus’ nation SYRIA
Direction to violinists ARCO
Enthralled by INTO
Fad collectibles of the ’90s POGS
Front of a frigate PROW
Garden access PATH
Glass raiser’s salute TOAST
Hands on board CREW
Head roaster EMCEE
Hoosegow or cooler JAIL
Hospital staffer AIDE
In a drowsy way SLEEPILY
Ink smudge BLOT
Ireland another way EIRE
Japanese drink TEA
Letter opener? DEAR
Like eyebrows ARCED
Longs YENS
Makes inquiries ASKS
Making waves, really ATSEA
Marshal Dillon MATT
Mexican snacks TACOS
Mideast gulf ADEN
Missing parcel inquiry TRACER
Mountain ___ (soft drinks) DEWS
New Testament book ACTS
One noting liabilities CPA
Out of the weather ALEE
Part of a frame-up? PHOTO
Parts of sonatas RONDOS
Powered bicycle MOPED
Romantic meeting TRYST
Slightly open AJAR
Slippery forecast SLEET
Soggy ground MIRE
Some diner sides SLAWS
Some human bones ULNAE
Steal home SCORE
Stradivarius’ teacher AMATI
Syllable of sarcasm HAH
Take ___ to (admire) ASHINE
They can be jammed up AUTOS
Tightly secure SEAL
Two worth little CENTS
Ukraine capital KIEV
Unwanted email SPAM
What drummers have RHYTHM
Wild rabbits HARES

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