Universal – Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
“7 Faces of Dr. ___” LAO
“Audit” attachment ION
“Don’t make ___” (“Freeze!”) AMOVE
“Hungry Eyes” singer Carmen ERIC
“Is it over ___?” YET
“Paulo” start SAO
“Roseanne” character DAN
“To ___ it may concern …” WHOM
Able to see through? ONTO
Almost hate DISLIKE
And so on (Abbr.) ETC
Atomic No. 51 ANTIMONY
Band attachment? ANA
Basketball stat ASSIST
Bell features CLAPPERS
Bum relative? HOBO
Bunkum ROT
Carpenter’s fastener SCREW
Clear, on a paycheck EARN
Coconut producer PALMTREE
Computer symbol ICON
Contributes ADDS
Do-to-do span OCTAVE
Dungeon dweller RAT
Expert on rites LITURGIST
Fair relative EXPO
Fancy car, for short LIMO
Fit together MESH
Flaps or commotions TODOS
French anti-ship missile EXOCET
General’s collection MEDALS
Historic period ERA
How to harmonize INUNISON
Identifier NAMER
Indian wrap SARI
Kiddie’s diversion TOY
Lament greatly RUE
Laser printer insert TONER
Clues Answers
Latex-yielding plant SPURGE
Like craft fairs ARTSY
Meaty dish STEW
Nasty customer SICKO
Not an original REPRO
Not quite a C- DEE
One keeping the books CPA
One of the Gospels MARK
Part of a price PER
Photo, briefly PIC
Possesses HAS
Powerful carpentry tool RIPSAW
Printer’s widths EMS
Recitative song ARIOSO
Slick-talking GLIB
Some word puzzles ACROSTICS
Something to stand on LEG
Sorority letter THETA
Squealed SANG
Stadium layer TIER
Steal cattle RUSTLE
Step layer TREAD
Tabs of acid LSD
Tangle SNARL
Tiny arachnid MITE
Two types of tape DOUBLESIDEDDUCT
Two types of tape ELECTRICALCLOTH
Two types of tape SCOTCHMASKING
Type of welder ARC
Violinists’ applications ROSINS
War of 1899 BOER
What opposites do ATTRACT
Whiny one PULER
With it, old-school HEP
World leader? NETHER
Worth a C+ SOSO
___ Royale, Mich ISLE

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