Universal – Mar 9 2018

Clues Answers
“‘Twas never to be …” ALAS
“… Jumpin’ Jack Flash, it’s …” AGAS
“All ___ being equal …” ELSE
“American Idol” tryout, e.g BIGTIMEAUDITION
“Spumante” front ASTI
“Stop this ship!” AVAST
“___ of fire, break …” INCASE
2004 Brad Pitt film TROY
Abha resident SAUDI
Admirer at a distance EYER
Admission ENTRY
Agenda line ITEM
Alexander or Peter TSAR
Antitoxin center? ITO
Argentinosaurus huinculensis, e.g BIGGESTDINOSAUR
Armadillo armor SCUTE
Ask for a cigarette BUM
Author Deighton LEN
Batman, for Wayne ALTEREGO
Be the agitator ROIL
BLT necessity TOMATO
Brain parts LOBES
Building-toy brand LEGO
Champ’s holding TITLE
Church council SYNOD
Circus glass-eater GEEK
Coldwater fishes SMELTS
Comet part TAIL
Cotton thread type LISLE
Crow’s-nest supporter MAST
Do a personnel job HIRE
Duck in a pond TEAL
Dumbbell you can’t curl IDIOT
Editor’s “cut it” DELE
Events with put-downs ROASTS
Fast cash dispenser ATM
Fictional harpooner Land NED
Fill, as a turkey STUFF
Good buddy PAISANO
Grasp a concept SEE
Greek bread PITA
Hang about menacingly LURK
Iceberg kin FLOE
It’s passed down LORE
Large in scale EPIC
Like a mansion STATELY
Liquid meas TSP
Lots of sen make one YEN
Many turns LEFTS
More important tasks BIGGERFISHTOFRY
More than needed EXTRA
Moss munchers ELKS
Nantes issuance EDICT
Neutral shade ECRU
Norse war god ODIN
Oater highlight GUNFIGHT
Old Italian currency LIRA
Periods of history ERAS
Play sections ACTS
Poem of homage ODE
Pothead STONER
Printed sheet FOLIO
River to the Amazon NEGRO
Salt Lake City state UTAH
Sign for peace VEE
Sponges lightly DABS
Tiles anagram ISLET
Time in office TERM
Top spot APEX
Treat like a pariah SCORN
Unoriginal TRITE
Verizon, for one TELCO
Visual calling option SKYPE
Weather type? TODAYS
Wine-and-cheese-crowd approved ARTY

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