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Universal – March 1 2019

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Clues Answers
“Das Kapital” author MARX
“Green Eggs and ___ “ HAM
“Sure thing, Joaquin!” SISI
“System” prefix ECO
“Trinity” author Uris LEON
“Whoops!” MYBAD
… — …, in Morse code SOS
… about Baltimore sewers? UNDERTHEWIRE
… about drinking with friends in an NYC borough? BRONXCHEERS
… about plane crash survivors in heaven? PARADISELOST
Alfredo or marinara SAUCE
Antonym’s opposite: Abbr SYN
Any entree DISH
Batted hair, informally LASH
Black currant liqueur CASSIS
Bring out EDUCE
Cold and slippery ICY
Congressional breaks RECESSES
Constructs ERECTS
Corn unit EAR
Corona competitor TECATE
Dated women? DAMSELS
Derisive cries HAHS
Dr. Evil’s little clone MINIME
Enlightened EDIFIED
Feel euphoric WALKONAIR
Fill completely SATE
Following behind INTOW
Gandhi, religiously HINDU
German car brand AUDI
Go-getter sort TYPEA
Guiding strap REIN
Hang loosely DRAPE
Insect drawn to light MOTH
Its capital is Yaounde CAMEROON
Jacobson of “Broad City” ABBI
Kennedy children’s stepfather ONASSIS
La Scala highlight ARIA
Lanka lead-in SRI
Like life, some say NOTFAIR
Like some coins and stamps RARE
Movie suggestion veto SEENIT
Neptune’s domain SEA
Nobody in particular ANYONE
Noisy z’s SNORES
Not just air-kiss PECK
Oak’s beginning ACORN
Paintball mark WELT
Paranormal skeptic James RANDI
Point of no return? ACE
Popular tax shelters, for short IRAS
Post-op places ICUS
Pound inhabitant STRAY
Question of indignant surprise SINCEWHEN
Respects ADMIRES
Rioja bottle datum ANO
San Francisco’s ___ Hill NOB
SeaWorld stopped breeding them ORCAS
Spoke like a lover COOED
Start tearing RIPINTO
Texter’s “Just sayin'” IMHO
Tint HUE
To exist, to Sartre ETRE
To ___ it may concern WHOM
Tom-tom, e.g DRUM
Trophy shape CUP
TV reboot about treating zombie apocalypse victims? MONSTERMASH
Waze way, briefly RTE
___ avail TONO
___ heads (clash) BUTT
___-Eaters ODOR