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Universal – March 12 2019

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Clues Answers
“Rumor ___ it …” HAS
“You ___?” (butler’s query) RANG
Accomplishments DEEDS
Add, as a supplement APPEND
Anjou relative BOSC
Avert personal disaster? CHANGEONESDOOM
Back in style RETRO
Bernardo’s girlfriend in “West Side Story” ANITA
Bugs’ food? CARROTS
Cleaned, as a porch SWEPT
Clubs or spades SUIT
Colorant DYE
Conform FITIN
Corrects, as a text EMENDS
Dallas campus, briefly SMU
Dorothy’s pooch TOTO
Drain of energy SAP
Falls in a flurry SNOWS
Far-reaching VAST
Fish in Hawaiian cuisine OPAH
Fragrant compound ESTER
French eateries CAFES
Half of sei TRE
Highest standard GOLD
Horseback sport POLO
Hugh Laurie’s alma mater ETON
Impulsive speed HASTE
Jekyll, at times HYDE
Let it all out VENTED
Letter’s “To:” line: Abbr ATTN
Letter-closing words ASEVER
Like the origins of Holi and Tet ASIAN
Lukewarm TEPID
Mid-H.S. exam PSAT
Milky Way ingredient CARAMEL
Moon stage PHASE
Mop & ___ (cleaner brand) GLO
Mortise’s partner TENON
Move like a baby CRAWL
One may wear a cape HERO
One often has a tongue and eyelets SHOE
One on your side ALLY
Org. rating jurists ABA
Othello, when offering his opinion? AMOORWITHAVIEW
PalmPilot, e.g PDA
Peach throwaway PIT
Repulsive VILE
River through Pisa ARNO
S-shaped molding OGEE
Schubert specialty ARTSONG
Shoppe adjective OLDE
Sticks around LINGERS
Sticky craft supply PASTE
Surveillance system, briefly CCTV
The Rolling Stones, e.g BAND
Tom Sawyer’s caretaker AUNTPOLLY
Touch lightly PAT
Trattoria drink VINO
Uncle Remus’ ___ Rabbit BRER
UnitedHealthcare competitor AETNA
Unsullied PURE
Uses a knocker RAPS
Very confused INAMUDDLE
Walk ungracefully PLOD
Wanted Bengay, say ACHED
What a 24-hour billiard hall offers? ENDLESSPOOL
Where thieves store their haul? LOOTCABINET
Where to see Polaris URSAMINOR
Wickerwork material RATTAN
Word after “dog” or “lop” EARED
___ 51 AREA