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Universal – March 17 2019

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Clues Answers
“Nope” UHUH
“That’s the spot!” AHH
“___ we all?” ARENT
(Don’t open at the office) NSFW
(Someone else’s mistake) SIC
Actor Bridges LLOYD
Amazon assistant ALEXA
Annual Car and Driver list TENBEST
Anti-anxiety drug XANAX
Apt medical image for a vet? PETSCAN
Art ___ (retro design style) DECO
Brooding teen’s feeling ANGST
Bruins’ sch UCLA
Cave dweller BAT
Charge in court ARRAIGN
Cone sources PINES
Counting rhyme start EENIE
Country’s McEntire REBA
Dads PAS
Draw out EDUCE
Exfoliation stone PUMICE
Fields that aren’t precise, or a hint to 17-, 26- and 45-Across INEXACTSCIENCES
Funny Poehler AMY
Gluttony, for one SIN
Hang ten, say SURF
Harden SET
Have some tequila, say DOASHOT
Heating passage DUCT
Indians and Bangladeshis ASIANS
Infuse with oxygen AERATE
Instagram and Tinder APPS
It may follow trig CALC
Jan. preceder DEC
Little bit of glue DAB
Long (for) ACHE
Long ago YORE
Long, long time EON
Messenger molecule: Abbr RNA
Neutral Korean area, for short DMZ
Next-___ (cutting-edge) GEN
Not actually smitten INLUST
Notwithstanding ALBEIT
One after another INTURN
Pimples ACNE
Places with cells JAILS
Previous partners EXES
Requirement MUST
Richard of “Pretty Woman” GERE
Romantic setup result BLINDDATE
Santa ___ (desert winds) ANAS
Semis RIGS
Shrunken Asian sea ARAL
Sometimes-rainbow fish TROUT
Soon-to-be parents’ task NAMING
Split: Prefix SCHIZO
Spy’s bug TAP
Stitch together SEW
Stockpile AMASS
Study of a Houston batter’s swing? ASTROPHYSICS
Study of a TV chef’s behavior? CHILDPSYCHOLOGY
Study of DJs’ physical structure? RADIOBIOLOGY
Sun-kissed TAN
Sweetheart, in slang BAE
Texter’s “You’re oversharing!” TMI
The “E” of QED ERAT
The LA Galaxy won it five times MLSCUP
Toronto’s prov ONT
Up to the job ABLE
Upper limit, informally MAX
Watercolor alternative OIL
Words on a check PAYTO
Work boot tip TOECAP
___ jacket (denim top) JEAN
___ von Bismarck OTTO
___-Manuel Miranda LIN