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Universal – March 2 2019

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Clues Answers
“Cortex” prefix NEO
“Don’t worry about me!” IMOK
“Immediately!” NOW
“The Cask of Amontillado” author POE
3 Series automaker BMW
89 or so, grade-wise BPLUS
A4 automaker AUDI
Agile DEFT
Album-certifying org RIAA
Alcohol strength PROOF
Bachelor of ___ ARTS
Basketball feat hinted at by the ends of 17-, 23-, 35- and 47-Across QUADRUPLEDOUBLE
Blaster’s palindrome TNT
Breakfast grains OATS
Bumbling INEPT
Coming back from a breakup ONTHEREBOUND
Composer Rachmaninoff SERGEI
Dog walker’s need LEASH
Dots of land ISLES
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Drags from behind TOWS
Dubai’s land, briefly UAE
EGOT winner Brooks MEL
Fair-hiring inits EEO
Fannie ___ MAE
Female deer DOE
Fleur-de-___ LYS
Floating in the air ALOFT
Gaga or Godiva LADY
Gallop sound CLOP
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hairless on top BALD
Hawaiian garland LEI
High chair? THRONE
Hit with snowballs PELT
Huggable bear TEDDY
Influence SWAY
Is resolved (to) INTENDS
Large tea container URN
Loaf growth MOLD
Many a first-time reader TOT
Mardi Gras sandwiches, informally POBOYS
Maximum absorption SATURATIONPOINT
Monk’s condition: Abbr OCD
Mordor creatures ORCS
Most Super Bowl MVPs QBS
Motor City org UAW
Movie explosion FX CGI
Odysseus’ rescuer (hidden in “Minotaur”) INO
Opposite of pos NEG
Pie-mode connector ALA
Poker dealer’s question INOROUT
Previously chopped HEWN
Ready to roll INGEAR
Say “Pretty please?,” say BEG
Semblance GUISE
Seth’s son ENOS
Sightseeing trip TOUR
Simple ball game CATCH
Sitting in the box UNUSED
Snapshot PHOTO
Special ___ (SEALs’ missions, e.g.) OPS
Squids’ relatives OCTOPI
Stares at creepily LEERS
Subject to emotional swings MOODY
Tallahassee sch FSU
Technique to “slingshot” spacecraft GRAVITYASSIST
Thin wood layer VENEER
Totally dominate OWN
Vow on the big day IDO
Windy road curve ESS
With precision NEATLY
Word before “hole” or “twist” PLOT