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Universal – March 22 2019

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Clues Answers
“Chances ___ …” ARE
“Don’t Matter” rapper AKON
“Go. Away.” LEAVENOW
“See ya!” LATER
“Turn on the AC!” ITSHOT
“What now?!” OHGREAT
’70s fad that hints at the ends of 3-, 8- and 17-Down BELLBOTTOMS
2012 movie bear TED
Ancient Mexican OLMEC
Architect I. M PEI
Bad-mouth DIS
Black stone ONYX
Boozy brunch order MIMOSA
Business cards? IDBADGES
By mouth ORALLY
Bylaw, briefly REG
Campaign-funding grp PAC
Capture NAB
Challenging H.S. test APEXAM
Church seats PEWS
City tour vehicle BUS
Civic center? VEE
CO2 molecule trio ATOMS
Crunchy Mexican dish HARDSHELLTACO
Dandelion support STEM
Dash instruments TACHS
Decides to change lanes, maybe SEESANOPENING
Devious SLY
Dipstick wipe RAG
Election Day sticker words IVOTED
Frazier foe ALI
French greeting SALUT
Fresh way to start ANEW
Gestures of gratitude HATTIPS
Get a move on HUSTLE
Giraffe cousin OKAPI
Greek H ETA
Handbag monogram YSL
Historic torchbearer? LADYLIBERTY
Hoppy brew, for short IPA
Human genus HOMO
Ink-squirting creatures OCTOPI
Isle of exile ELBA
Judaism : kosher :: Islam : ___ HALAL
Key usually opposite “C” TAB
Latch (onto) GLOM
Lecturers’ needs, informally MICS
Like some overrides MANUAL
Look down, as from a balcony LEANOVER
Mendes of “Hitch” EVA
Mount Everest’s country NEPAL
Move across TRAVERSE
Ontario MLB city: Abbr TOR
Painting subject known for her smile MONALISA
Pal of Curly MOE
Perch’s place BIRDCAGE
Playing hard to get COY
Prefix with “binary” or “conforming” NON
Rainy WET
Runway figures MODELS
Short-lived items EPHEMERA
Small, in rap names LIL
Snitch on RATOUT
Soft shoes, for short MOCS
Solve, medically CURE
Sports ___ (jogger’s top) BRA
Thumbs-ups YESES
Triangular sword EPEE
Viola clef ALTO
What a spoiler might spoil ENDING
Yahoo alternative MSN
___ Scotia NOVA