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Universal – March 5 2019

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Clues Answers
“Relax” EASY
“Release the Stars” singer whose surname means “wagon maker” RUFUSWAINWRIGHT
“Social” prefix ANTI
“Spring forward” acronym DST
“The Big Sleep” novelist whose surname means “candle maker” RAYMONDCHANDLER
“Up” voice actor Ed ASNER
“Wasn’t expecting that!” WHOA
“___ lightly” TREAD
(Sigh) ALAS
1976 Best Actress whose surname means “arrow maker” LOUISEFLETCHER
A Musketeer ATHOS
Back talk? ECHO
Baseball’s Slaughter ENOS
Bi- cubed OCTO
Boxed, as wine bottles CASED
Broadband letters DSL
Bronte’s Jane EYRE
Bugler’s piece TAPS
Casino regulations HOUSERULES
CNN host whose surname means “barrel maker” ANDERSONCOOPER
College URL ender EDU
Colorful card game UNO
D.C. team NATS
Early video game PONG
Estimate qualifier ORSO
Film reviewer CRITIC
Finish a Tootsie Pop CHEW
First U.S. multimillionaire ASTOR
Fit snugly NEST
German mark’s replacement EURO
Great work OPUS
Gummy animals BEARS
Holdup HEIST
Holdup DELAY
Houston university RICE
It gets old quickly NEWS
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kendrick Lamar hit with a genetic title DNA
Kind of beach NUDE
Like a soprano’s voice HIGH
Madrid gallery PRADO
Massachusetts “A” cape ANN
Moistens WETS
On the matter of ASTO
Owl or albatross BIRD
Pass, as time ELAPSE
Pick up LEARN
Pretend FEIGN
Prized statuettes OSCARS
Protector of the crown? ENAMEL
RSVP recipient HOST
Runny egg style SOFTBOILED
Saintly symbol HALO
Scotch brand DEWARS
Scruff NAPE
Setup TRAP
Siesta NAP
Sits heavily PLOPS
Small salamander NEWT
Smelter’s material ORE
Sonic employee CARHOP
Speaker maker BOSE
Squalid RATTY
Straitlaced STAID
Strange WEIRD
Swamp plant REED
Swimmer with huge calves ORCA
TBS talk show CONAN
They’re strung in Hawaii LEIS
Three-legged ___ RACE
Veer off course YAW
Vineyard measure ACRE
Walkman : ’80s :: ___ : ’00s IPOD
Zest source PEEL
___ Miss OLE