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Universal – March 6 2019

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Clues Answers
“Ditto!” SAME
“Iron Mike” of boxing TYSON
“Laughing” critter HYENA
“Mad Men” agent, informally ADREP
“Movin’ ___” (“The Jeffersons” theme) ONUP
“Sharknado” star Reid TARA
“Star Trek: TNG” character Troi DEANNA
“You betcha!” CANDO
A dromedary has one HUMP
Baby powder TALC
Be altruistic, say DOGOOD
Best Buy buy TVSET
Blasts of wind GUSTS
Borders on ABUTS
Brass or bronze ALLOY
Cacophony NOISE
Captain with a whalebone leg AHAB
Car owner’s paper TITLE
Core i9 processor maker INTEL
Cupid alias EROS
Da ___, Vietnam NANG
Devil’s food ___ CAKE
Dill, e.g HERB
Dirt road groove RUT
Down in the dumps SAD
Employee’s reward RAISE
Eye-logo network CBS
Geek ___ (nerdy style) CHIC
German mister HERR
Gymnast’s top score TEN
Home for Adam and Eve EDEN
Human sponge LEECH
Installed, as tile LAID
Jacks, e.g GAME
Japanese or Javanese ASIAN
Kurylenko of “Oblivion” OLGA
Lawyers’ org ABA
Makes a long story short? EDITS
Miss no questions on ACE
Morays and congers EELS
Mythical goat/man SATYR
Not in jail, perhaps ONPROBATION
One-pager, for one ESSAY
Open grazing area RANGE
Otherwise ELSE
Pampering place SPA
Parsley garnish SPRIG
Peewee PUNY
Potter’s wheel lump CLAY
Press, as clothes IRON
Pretty cool NEAT
Princess Anna’s sister ELSA
Problem ISSUE
Publicized PROMOTED
Quarterback’s cry HIKE
Queen’s rule REIGN
Redding of soul OTIS
Reeves of “Speed” KEANU
Rent-___ ACAR
Revolutionary War gun MUSKET
Rock band gear AMPS
Rush into battle CHARGEAHEAD
Salad ingredients that bookend 20-, 34- and 43-Across CHOPPEDVEGGIES
Say again REPEAT
Say it ain’t so DENY
Sized up EYED
Slack-jawed INAWE
Sporty VW GTI
Start for “carte” ALA
They’re spotted on safaris CHEETAHS
Those, in Tijuana ESOS
Touched down ALIT
Video game pioneer ATARI
Whiskey glass amount SHOT
Willie Nelson genre COUNTRYWESTERN
___ Dame NOTRE