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Universal – March 8 2019

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Clues Answers
“2001” computer HAL
“Don’t Bring Me Down” grp ELO
“Duck Dynasty” network AANDE
“Have you ___ wool?” ANY
“I do” YES
“Mighty” Mudville batter CASEY
“Murder, ___ Wrote” SHE
*Clinton-era independent counsel KENSTARR
*Mall pizza chain SBARRO
*NBA legend Kareem ABDULJABBAR
*Quarrel ROW
*Small birds with big eyes OWLETS
*Squishy mattress WATERBED
Aired again RERAN
Battlefield attendants MEDICS
Bering, e.g.: Abbr STR
Bordeaux red wine CLARET
Boxing wins, briefly KOS
Brief fight SETTO
Code sequence PROGRAM
Connecting peg DOWEL
Continental capital EURO
Cooks too long BURNS
Data display READOUT
Descendant of Jacob ISRAELITE
Doctrine name suffix ISM
Ear-related AURAL
Egyptian viper ASP
Electric fish EEL
Excessive supplies GLUTS
Exchanged rumors GOSSIPED
Fencing sword SABER
First ___ kit AID
Flavor enhancer initials MSG
Frat bud BRO
Gathering clouds, to some OMEN
It’s set before dinner TABLE
Like Quaker products OATEN
Liquid lump CLOT
Livestock doc VET
Looks closely PEERS
Markedly unalike DISPARATE
Mid-size Toyota CAMRY
More tasteless TACKIER
Move sneakily SLINK
Mrs. Fields, for one BAKER
Native American peace symbol in each pair of starred answers BROKENARROW
Newspaper extra INSERT
Not taut SLACK
Nut-producing tree HAZEL
Pants with a bootcut style JEANS
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Playful ocean mammals OTTERS
Poetic word before “long” ERE
Psychologist Jung CARL
Punch server LADLE
Remove, as a beard SHAVE
Respectful guys? SIRS
Rodgers and ___ HART
Shiny finish GLAZE
Small battery AAA
Software accessory ADDON
Star sign? ASTERISK
Struggle hard (with) WRESTLE
Sweetheart LOVE
TED Talk platform STAGE
Turk. neighbor SYR
Undermine ERODE
Untangle RAVEL
Wanted poster abbr AKA
Whimpers MEWLS
Word with “story” or “straw” SHORT
Yorkie sound YIP