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Universal – May 1 2018

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Clues Answers
“… that try ___ souls” MENS
“… ___ spacious skies” FOR
“…and others,” briefly ETAL
“Bics” prefix AERO
“Cogito, ___ sum” ERGO
“Coming next” ad TEASER
“Golden Fleece” ship ARGO
“It’s ___ cry from …” AFAR
“Meter” attachment PERI
“Rave” companion RANT
“The Ram” ARIES
’80s hairstyle MULLET
A.M. meal choice CEREAL
Address a crowd ORATE
Airy lobbies ATRIA
Beer types ALES
Bullfighters’ procession PASEO
Bye, in old Rome AVE
Car renter, big-time AVIS
Changing place, miss? LITTLEGIRLSROOM
Clean, as vegetables RINSE
Colossal EPIC
Copying APING
Coquettes MINXES
Cricket’s stage IMAGO
Cutting sound effect SNIP
December tune CAROL
Dispatch vessel AVISO
Eggs, fancy OVA
Exact duplicate CLONE
Fence crosser STILE
Fictional beast OGRE
Filtered messages SPAM
Flower parts PETALS
For what – worth link ITS
Former British PM DISRAELI
Clues Answers
French black NOIR
Gem for Libras OPAL
Get ready PREP
Goat variety IBEX
Good rock? ORE
GPS suggestion ROUTE
Historic record ANNAL
It’s important to balance INNEREAR
Light gas? NEON
Like candy SWEET
Make italics SLANT
Modern annoyance MICROAGGRESSION
Munch, rat-style GNAW
Munches EATS
Musician Clapton ERIC
Name on many waists LEVI
Nigerian city LAGOS
Opera highlight ARIA
Place for shampoos SALON
Place Mead studied SAMOA
Play segment ACT
Popular cookie OREO
Powerful wind GALE
Rent kin LEASE
Slimy creature SNAIL
Snow vehicle SLED
Soft mineral TALC
Some deer ROES
Some poems ODES
Squeal TELL
Suffix with “symbol” ISM
Teacher of Aristotle PLATO
Twinges, as of hunger PANGS
Typical farm sounds MOOS
Unconscious state COMA
Utilize a sense TASTE
Was broadcast AIRED
Wild plum SLOE