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Universal – May 1 2019

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Clues Answers
“Props” KUDOS
“Stop, matey!” AVAST
“The Favourite” queen ANNE
“You are here” diagram MAP
“___ with my little eye …” ISPY
50+ group AARP
Actor’s go-between AGENT
Agree JIBE
Antioxidant-packed berry ACAI
Barbecue smell, e.g AROMA
Big bird EMU
Black ___ (some missions) OPS
Black-and-white “bears” PANDAS
Caterer’s coffee container URN
Celestial sphere ORB
Coding language with a coffee cup logo JAVA
Colleague of Thor IRONMAN
Director DuVernay AVA
Do penance (for) ATONE
Down in the dumps MOROSE
Drink noisily SLURP
Ex-Giant Jennings who danced with the stars RASHAD
Expense COST
Fashion inits DKNY
Flammable material, or a clue to both parts of 16-, 24-, 45- and 54-Across FIRESTARTER
Foes’ home base ENEMYCAMP
Former Yugoslav president TITO
Foul place CESSPIT
Fraternal order ELKS
Gooey treat SMORE
Grey Goose competitor SKYY
Hits a non-fair fly to a fielder FOULSOUT
If all else fails ATWORST
In a zen state ATPEACE
Joints prone to sprains ANKLES
Landing pads for Santa ROOFS
Libyan city in the “Marines’ Hymn” TRIPOLI
Loose garment CAFTAN
M.D. colleagues RNS
Menage, in English HOUSEHOLD
Not prerecorded ONLIVE
On a cruise, perhaps ASEA
Open forum on Reddit: Abbr AMA
Pet parrots’ homes CAGES
Phys. therapy REHAB
Result of a thaw ICERUN
Scene from an earlier time FLASHBACK
Set (down) LAY
Shocked sound GASP
Shop-___ VAC
Six-pack contents ABS
Snuggles NESTLES
Solidarity leader Lech WALESA
Speaks like Sylvester LISPS
Steal some wheels HOTWIRE
Suddenly unload on SNAPAT
Suffers AILS
Terrible guy? IVAN
The story of Gilgamesh, e.g EPIC
Threatening conclusion ORELSE
To’s partner FRO
Triangles accompanying guitars? PICKS
Uncultivated landscape feature WILDGRASS
Unlike many rumors TRUE
Vader’s childhood ride PODRACER
Wagers BETS
Walk stealthily TIPTOE
Web feed letters RSS
What works like a charm? AMULET
Wine barrel wood OAK
Yearned PINED
___ neutrality NET
___ up one’s sleeve ACE