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Universal – May 11 2018

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Clues Answers
“300” city SPARTA
“Afore” kin ERE
“Four” prefix TETRA
“It’s ___ a pleasure” BEEN
“No ___” (“I’m stumped”) IDEA
“Tender” meat cut LOIN
“That’s strange” ODD
“We want a hit” kin RAH
“___ it going?” HOWS
“___ that special?” ISNT
27-Down helmet PITH
Actor’s study ROLE
African excursion SAFARI
Airport guesses, briefly ETAS
Attendant AIDE
Baby sitter, sometimes AUNT
Baseball’s six per inning OUTS
Be flippant SASS
Be useful to AVAIL
By way of VIA
Came to a perch ALIT
Catch some Zs SLEEP
Cattiness SPITE
CD part DISC
Cohort of Grumpy DOC
Company newsletter HOUSEORGAN
Cowboy’s wear CHAPS
Cribbage pieces PEGS
Cross swords FENCE
Disgusting wickedness FOULNESS
Distribute out ALLOT
Dojo blow CHOP
Dress shirt fastener STUD
Editor’s “never mind” STET
Eyelid bump STYE
Failed firecrackers DUDS
Gentlemen SIRS

Clues Answers
Get brought down to earth? BEONANEGOSLIP
Have the title OWN
It can cause drooling? FALLOFTHETONGUE
It’s charged positively ION
Kitchen appliance OVEN
L.A. hours PST
Lake, canal or city ERIE
Leases RENTS
Letter send-off ALLTHEBEST
Lush-up a lawn RESEED
Made duplicates CLONED
Most acute SHARPEST
No big wheel at all COG
Not leave STAY
Not tied up LOOSE
On the level? PLANAR
Painting option OILCOLOR
Pair DUO
Part of A.D ANNO
Parts of many California vacations? YOSEMITETRIPS
Poker pay-in ANTE
Potato parts EYES
Pretender POSEUR
Put out of pitch UNTUNE
Retirement nest egg IRA
Sealing gasket ORING
Silly as can be INANE
Some are fine, some are lost ARTS
South Carolina’s tree PALMETTO
Stuffed with anger IREFUL
They’re spent in Bangkok BAHTS
Thing to set or mark DATE
Turning to the left LEVO
Utters SAYS
Very compact DENSE
Vivacity ELAN
Yearling’s age ONE
___ a soul (no one) NARY