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Universal – May 12 2018

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Clues Answers
“The Untouchables” VIP NESS
“___ on a Grecian Urn” ODE
“___ you clever!” ARENT
1-year-old salmon Bluecap
According to PER
Add more lanes WIDEN
Alabama march city SELMA
All-thumbs remark OOPS
Amazonian vine LIANA
Animal fluids SERA
Annoying sound NOISE
Baseball’s Rose PETE
Best TOP
Bogus prefix? PSEUDO
Bread in a Christie title? RYE
Campus building HALL
Certain amphibian TOAD
Citizen Kane WELLES
Comrade in arms ALLY
Cote coating? WOOL
Count calories DIET
Exuberant shouts WAHOOS
Face in the mirror? IMAGE
Fall flower arrangement? ONEASTERANOTHER
Finch variety LINNET
First earthly garden EDEN
First name in jazz ELLA
First name in Mayberry ANDY
Frequent eateries DINE
Generic laugh sounds HAHAS
Giveaway bags TOTES
Goes to seed ROTS
Hazard RISK
Headlining performer STAR
Heart outlets AORTAS
Hotel alternatives INNS
How one plant falls in love? HEADCLOVERHEELS
Impose, as a fine LEVY
Clues Answers
In and of itself PERSE
Licorice flavorings ANISES
Light or dark edible MEAT
Like a blotter INKY
Limerick’s third word WAS
Long Branch Saloon “Miss” KITTY
MacFarlane of TV SETH
Make flubs ERR
McCarthy target COMMIE
More than capable ADEPT
Mr. E. Coyote WILE
Much-adored people IDOLS
Nautical salute AHOY
Not deceived by ONTO
Old woman-ish ANILE
Opera solo ARIA
Persistently annoying PESKY
Prickly political campaign style? THISTLESTOPTOUR
Rag doll name ANN
Retail calculation COST
Returning grad ALUM
Seal of approval CACHET
Ship boardings? PLANKS
Silver salmon (var.) COHOE
Snapshots, briefly PICS
The band takes it STAGE
The Macbeth witches, e.g TRIO
Tie one on? KNOT
Top rating AONE
Transmits SENDS
Type of proprietor SOLE
U-turn from miss LAD
Unable to move INERT
Unit of cubicГ%82В measure STERE
Weathervane dir ENE
What batters assume? STANCES
Wonderment sounds OHS
___ Hawkins dance SADIE
___ Palos Verdes RANCHO