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Universal – May 12 2019

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Clues Answers
“Frozen 2” queen ELSA
“I did it!” TADA
“I’ll be right with you” INASEC
“Solve the rest of this puzzle Downs-only,” e.g DARE
“The Chi” network, briefly SHO
“The Prime of Miss Jean ___” BRODIE
“Thick & Fluffy” breakfast brand EGGO
“Yes, I’ll attend,” for one RSVP
21st-century composers’ output? EMAILS
A few days ___ AGO
A Gabor EVA
Angel-making need SNOW
Beehive State native UTE
Black or green fruit OLIVE
Boredom ENNUI
Bottom-row PC key ALT
Brand for an all-nighter NODOZ
Caught 40 winks SLEPT
Comedy Central tributes ROASTS
Confront FACE
Cow’s lows MOOS
Denver omelet meat HAM
Dumbstruck INAWE
Dunce FOOL
E.T.s’ transports UFOS
Episode One of a painting show? CEZANNEPREMIERE
Female Arabian MARE
Female French artist’s scribe? CASSATTRECORDER
Filmmaker Anderson WES
Food, Army-style CHOW
It handles checks and checking BANK
It looks like ><><>< DNA
Job interview concern, or a hint to this puzzle’s theme FIRSTIMPRESSION
Lowest point NADIR
Maddow’s channel MSNBC
MBA’s course ECON
No friend FOE
Number that inaptly ends with 11-Down SEVEN
Omar of “House” EPPS
One may bug you SPY
One may have an honor code EXAM
ORD is its code OHARE
Ore-___ IDA
Pilots’ guesses, for short ETAS
Poet’s “before” ERE
Quick summary RECAP
Rein in, as enthusiasm CURB
Result of a gallery fire sale? MONETFORNOTHING
Rideshare choice UBER
Rod between wheels AXLE
See 15-Down EVEN
Silly bunch GEESE
Singer Kazan LAINIE
Sinister DARK
Small batteries AAS
Solar panel site ROOF
Sound of resignation SIGH
Style and furnish for buyers STAGE
Takeout order TOGO
Tear RIP
Tons (of) ALOT
Took initiative ACTED
Tropical fruit GUAVA
TV screen type LCD
Vietnamese New Year TET
West African nation NIGER
What keeps livestock alive FEED
Wonderland cake message EATME
Word of resignation ALAS
Words of praise HATSOFF
You may be sworn to it SECRECY
Yuletide song CAROL
Zester’s target RIND
___ fail EPIC
___ the hay HIT