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Universal – May 13 2018

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Clues Answers
“King of Queens” character SPENCE
“The list goes on,” briefly ETC
“What ___ to be the issue?” SEEMS
“___ it about time?” ISNT
2 a.m. and 2 p.m HRS
57-Down, for one CLUE
Action figure? DOER
Arab chief EMIR
Arias, essentially SOLI
Astronomical bear URSA
Atlantic City game KENO
Bakery freebie AROMA
Bang-up, ratings-wise AONE
Be a nomad ROVE
Big doofus OAF
Bireme tool OAR
Boat with one mast SLOOP
Bring a thrill to ELATE
Bump on a log NODE
Carbon dating guess AGE
Causing a “meh” BLAH
Circular and hand SAWS
Clipped or painted item TOENAIL
Dazzles AWES
Demolition supply TNT
Destroy RUIN
Disperses, as energy EXPENDS
Eagle in “unconcerned” ERNE
El ___ (Spanish hero) CID
Encyclopedia books VOLUMES
Exaggerated and excessive UNDUE
Farmer’s pride CROP
FBI specialty RAID
Fish that’s split SCROD
Footnote word IDEM
Freshly ANEW
Full of nervous energy ANTSY
Get your groove on DANCE
Clues Answers
Gull in “westernized” TERN
High waters? SEAS
Himalayan legends YETIS
Honor recipient LAUREATE
Host Trebek ALEX
It can be shady ELM
Italian wine province ASTI
Jewish month ADAR
Land measure ACRE
Leather variety SUEDE
Leavening agent YEAST
Like 18-inch firewood HEWN
Like pre-utensil babies MESSY
Midnight witch assembly SABBAT
Mousse, for one GEL
New York tribe SENECA
Old New Zealand bird MOA
One dining on a hill? ANTEATER
Ooze, as charm EXUDE
Paper units REAMS
Prefix with “Chinese” INDO
Proverbial battlers SEXES
Salve targets SORES
Scenic mountains ALPS
Secret matters ARCANA
Siberian city OMSK
Sign to interpret OMEN
Sleep disorder APNEA
Super bright light NEON
Take for granted ASSUME
Thing to do to a button PRESS
Three fine things TUNETOUCHFELLOW
Three fine things PRINTDININGLINE
Three fine things WOVENGRAINEDART
Use choppers BITE
Whimper and whatnot SNIVEL
Wine category REDS