Universal – May 13 2022 Cussword Answers

Clues Answers
“Family Guy” mom LOIS
“Home ___” (classic Christmas movie) ALONE
“Your mileage may ___” VARY
“___ la vie” CEST
“___ losing my mind?” AMI
Acorn producers OAKS
Agua, across the Pyrenees EAU
Apt guess from Aegean Airlines? ETA
Band that sang “Then Came You” with Dionne Warwick, or how you might refer to 17-, 27- and 44-Across? THESPINNERS
Begged PLED
Bird that’s a fast runner EMU
Bit of information DATUM
Bit of land in the sea ISLE
Black cats, to some OMENS
Bridal path AISLE
California desert MOJAVE
Chances ODDS
Changing requirement? DIAPER
Code-breaking org NSA
Contradict BELIE
Craft made with a plate, perhaps? UFO
Crafty SLY
Dough in Tokyo YEN
Edmonton NHL team OILERS
Events known for fried food FAIRS
Explorer Amerigo VESPUCCI
Family picture? TREE
Filled with 30-Down MAD
Flared dresses ALINES
Flop DUD
For each PER
In the center of AMID
Informal greeting HIYA
Job consideration PAY
Lead-in to “the season” TIS
Like dense fog SOUPY
Like Easter eggs and Halloween candy SEASONAL
Lip, or mouth off to SASS
Lowest bingo number ONE
Make a choice OPT
New Zealander KIWI
Nintendo console WII
Not as much LESSSO
Oil cartel letters OPEC
Online commerce ETAIL
Parent honored in June DAD
Pass again on a track LAP
Pass out cards DEAL
Penned WROTE
Pet said to resemble its owner DOG
Place for lions or vipers DEN
Radio station employees DISCJOCKEYS
Rage IRE
Red ___ (emergency status) ALERT
Removes, like a lapel mic UNCLIPS
Roads, briefly STS
Seaside Brazilian city, for short RIO
She sang “On the Radio” DONNASUMMER
State whose motto is “Industry” UTAH
Subway alternative BUS
Surname of a noted boxing family ALI
Surrendered, as rights WAIVED
Sushi burrito’s cuisine ASIANFUSION
Take back, as words UNSAY
Tear RIP
Tennis great Sharapova MARIA
Testifies under oath DEPOSES
Their rock is an offshoot of post-punk GOTHS
They maintain images PRSPECIALISTS
Twitter troll, often HATER
Verizon, e.g.: Abbr ISP
Winter Olympians who may perform ice dances FIGURESKATERS
Yukon SUV maker GMC
___ acid (protein part) AMINO
___ Pet (collectible that sprouts) CHIA

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