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Universal – May 15 2018

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Clues Answers
“… sailed the ___ blue” OCEAN
“And before I forget …” ALSO
“No ___ allowed” PETS
“Oh, boy!” GOODY
“Save that deletion!” STET
Add riders EMEND
After hours LATE
All worked up AGOG
Amazed, mouthwise AGAPE
An animated Simpson MAGGIE
Anagram of “char” ARCH
Anjou thing PEAR
Any limerick writer POET
Appreciative phrase of relief THANKGODFORTHAT
Attempting to flirt BATTINGANEYELID
B-ball coach Pat RILEY
Beer barrel KEG
Blunders GOOFS
Boardgame accessory, sometimes EGGTIMER
Boater’s hazard EDDY
Bound LEAP
Bridal path stopper ALTAR
Brother of Moses AARON
Canvas cover PAINT
Charity on the greens GOLFERSHANDICAP
Cincinnati nine REDS
Cons for good LIFERS
Cookie brand OREO
Dead duck GONER
Deceive SCAM
Evening in Rome SERA
Expansive pastures LEAS
Faith with the pipes HILL
First poker chip ANTE
Gin fizz flavor SLOE
Hand-warming tube MUFF
Her kin? SHE
Heston called one dirty APE
Clues Answers
Hit the tight end PASS
Hot tin place ROOF
Igneous rock form MAGMA
In need of rain ARID
In the know AWARE
Is no 59-Across WAS
It involves a twist IRONY
It’s dialed up PHONE
Jessica of TV and films ALBA
Make an accusation ALLEGE
Middling shade ECRU
Most solid SOUNDEST
Native American craft CANOE
Nice no? NON
Once over AGAIN
Panner’s target GOLD
Prefix meaning “straight” ORTHO
Ran ___ of the law AFOUL
Really good rock ORE
Refine wordings EDIT
Shows fallibility ERRS
Silly as can be INANE
Singer k.d LANG
Soda type COLA
Speaking platforms ROSTRA
Squash variety ACORN
The Almighty, e.g DEITY
Try to outsprint RACE
Type of acid FATTY
U-turn from less MORE
Violated a commandment SINNED
Walker’s prop CANE
Whale variety ORCA
What the game is, old-style AFOOT
Wild West loop NOOSE
Wise way to think SAGELY
Word that links AND
___ of silence CODE