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Universal – May 16 2018

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Clues Answers
“Adolescent” prefix PRE
“Potter” character Malfoy DRACO
“___ your turn” ITS
951, of old Rome CMLI
Admit (with ”up”) FESS
Advocate with oomph URGE
After dark, way old EEN
Alaskan city NOME
Apartment inhabitant LESSEE
Aquaman’s surroundings OCEAN
Ark captain NOAH
Author Emily BRONTE
Autumn decoration GOURD
Bantu language group SOTHO
Be mindful of, as advice HEED
Birdbath organism ALGA
Brewed concoction TEA
Bring amusement to ELATE
Calamine lotion target HEATRASH
Cinched ONICE
Clothing, old-style RAIMENTS
Coffee intruder (var.) DONUT
Copy machine insert TONER
Cuisinart setting PUREE
Daytime serials SOAPS
Drafts in London ALES
Drawers or bloomers UNDIES
Duck type EIDER
Edible root TARO
Epitome of quiet CLAM
Fairy tale beast OGRE
Formal event GALA
Garment of India SARI
Gerunder? ING
Grinding routine RUT
Historical period ERA
Horseshoe sounds CLOPS
Identifier NAME
Clues Answers
Info giver on the street SIGN
It joined the U.S. in 1896 UTAH
Jamaican citrus UGLI
John with a hammer HENRY
Kona International gift LEI
Leaving to drive home HITTINGTHEROAD
Let month-to-month RENT
Lifeline readers SEERS
Like proven facts TRUE
More sore ACHIER
Moved crablike SCUTTLED
Not be right ERR
Not plentiful SCARCE
Not yin YANG
Old Plains abode TEPEE
On the house FREE
Organic compound ESTER
Pancake complement SYRUP
Place for a pad PAW
Pooch of Dennis the Menace RUFF
Repeatedly AGAIN
Script units LINES
Seamingly in two? TORE
Shark with money USURER
Shelf-clearing event SALE
Small measurement INCH
Space agency NASA
Test drive checklist item ROADWORTHINESS
The avant-garde’s Yoko ONO
Throw into the mix ADDIN
Trending toward quite a fall ONTHEROADTORUIN
Vast hole ABYSS
Way too confident SMUG
Way-narrow fish EEL
Weight on the house? TARE
What talk is, it’s said CHEAP
Whip in a debate OUTARGUE