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Universal – May 17 2018

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Clues Answers
“Alack” companion ALAS
“Star-Spangled Banner” word OER
A noble gas XENON
Abbr. of inflation PSI
Accelerator bit ATOM
African country RWANDA
Allow entrance ADMIT
Animated figure TOON
Arab sailboat DHOW
Arsonist’s problem? BURNINGAMBITION
Attention-getting sound PSST
Be an agitator STIRUP
Before, once ERE
Blabbed TOLD
Bound bundle REAM
Bring in from the field REAP
Buy stocks, e.g INVEST
Camera “eye” part IRIS
Campus job security TENURE
Certifiable LOONY
Chafe RUB
Checkout units ITEMS
Cider quantity GALLON
Citified URBAN
College exam type ORAL
Confess openly AVOW
Convincing sale word ONLY
Cost provider TAG
Displaced one EMIGRE
Edge of the golf green SKIRT
Eyelid bump STYE
Fancy musical OPERA
First Christmas visitors MAGI
Flanders on TV NED
Friendship AMITY
Fuss and flurry ADO
Clues Answers
Get-low dance LIMBO
Gradual encroachment INROAD
Hay sticker TINE
Hindu festival of lights DIWALI
Hindu sir BABU
Horror-ible reactions? GASPS
It works great when tired CAR
It’s for hemming, not hawing NEEDLE
Make a comment REMARK
Make indistinct BLUR
More than never ONCE
Move quickly SCOOT
Musician Redbone LEON
Name over a cheek? LEE
National Leaguer of old EXPO
No-gas ride TESLA
Nonsensical hype HOKUM
Old bleach alternative BLUING
One’s manner MIEN
One-masted sailboat SLOOP
Overly bright star NOVA
Particular cream cookie OREO
Ponders MULLS
Runner’s fuel CARB
Signs of a recent blaze SMOLDERINGASHES
Slow creature SNAIL
Sports-channel award ESPY
Telly show shower BBC
Territorial tongues LINGOS
Thumbs-down, verbally NAY
Tip-top ACME
Tree variety PINE
Two-toned ice cream SWIRL
Walked nervously PACED
Way makers PATHS
Weapon for a gaucho BOLA
Whoop it up? YELL
Wrestling hold name NELSON
Yellow-brown shade TAWNY