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Universal – May 18 2018

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Clues Answers
“Chute” front PARA
“Do ___ enter” NOT
“Fuzzy Wuzzy” follower WAS
“Madam Secretary” network CBS
“Who ___ is going?” ELSE
“___ day now …” ANY
An Indo-European ARYAN
An opera voice TENOR
Appear SEEM
At no time, poetically NEER
Beer blast necessity KEG
Black Sea resort ODESSA
Blood and guts GORE
Carbo-loader’s food PASTA
City near Tahoe RENO
Comparatively bare? NAKEDASAHENBIRD
Diplomatic skills TACTS
Dracula has one CAPE
Drug bust figure? KILO
Ear-related OTIC
Easy way to adapt? LIKEAJAYTOWATER
Faux names ALIASES
Features of yammers? EMS
Finisher ENDER
Flatten in the ring KAYO
Gave up, as territory CEDED
Georgetown player HOYA
Give off, as a smell EMIT
Guiding principle ETHIC
Has a hankering YENS
Heavy pots and pans IRONWARE
Highlands tongue ERSE
Ho-humish BLAH
Inactive ABEYANT
Jog kin TROT
Joule’s 10 million ERGS
Like a stale joke TRITE
Clues Answers
Like the theme creatures AVIAN
Make stupefied AWE
Many women SHES
Many YouTube stars CATS
Mauled by a pooch? PAWED
Menu phrase with “king” ALA
Old Italian money LIRA
One “Scarface” guy CAPONE
One chain X one furlong ACRE
Oxen inhibitor YOKE
Parts of highway systems ARTERIES
Place to remember in Texas ALAMO
Powdery residue ASH
Producer of 52-Down CIGAR
Protest on one’s butt? SITIN
Quarantine ISOLATE
Raises, as offspring REARS
River to the Severn AVON
Rob Roy, e.g SCOT
Room often unfinished ATTIC
Russian monarch of yore TSAR
Sand surrounded by greenery? TRAP
Savings vehicle IRA
Sesame paste TAHINI
Severely needing rain ARID
Singer Bob DYLAN
Slightly open AJAR
Spoonbill kin IBIS
Strong cord CABLE
Tabloid couple ITEM
Theoretical missing links APEMEN
They make a few bucks ONES
U-turn from southpaw RIGHTY
Volcano in Sicily ETNA
Way less involved EASIER
Wears DONS
Wilderness walk HIKE
___ Alegre, Brazil PORTO