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Universal – May 19 2018

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Clues Answers
“… ___ the wide blue …” INTO
“About the Author” write-ups BIOS
“Do ___ others …” UNTO
“If ___ told you once …” IVE
“Jabberwocky” opener TWAS
“No, by my understanding” NOTASFARASIKNOW
33 1/3 ___ RPM
34th prez first name IKE
Accomplishes DOES
And others, for short ETAL
Arizona city MESA
Bathroom staples TUBS
Battle of Britain air gp RAF
Bit of history ERA
Broadcast over? RESOW
Buffered EASED
Car maker since 2003 TESLA
City in a Cash song RENO
Cloth fold PLAIT
Concealed microphone WIRE
Dillon of films MATT
Dismantle TAKEDOWN
Emeritus (Abbr.) RETD
Eye part UVEA
Fan-shaped Chinese tree GINKGO
Fingerprint blocker GLOVE
Forbidden scent? TABU
Fury IRE
Hidden treasure, lots TROVE
Hoops venue ARENA
Hovering over ATOP
Huge ice chunk BERG
Intimidate DAUNT
Irish language ERSE
Kendrick and Wintour ANNAS
Lab heater ETNA
Lady No. 1 EVE
Clues Answers
Like Cheerios OATEN
Long homework assignment ESSAY
Male doll KEN
Muscular strength SINEW
Non-frugal one WASTER
Normal or typical USUAL
Palm starch SAGO
Peon of the past SERF
Performs Lasik LASES
Places for biddies ROOSTS
Plum, once PRUNE
Prefix meaning “huge” MEGA
Romantic absinthe? LADSLOVE
Salt solutions SALINES
Shrimp dish SCAMPI
Slap together RIGUP
Solo, in a fancy house ARIA
Some beers ALES
Stitched SEWED
Stray Asian canine PYEDOG
Take one’s hand? WED
Talking with radio callers ONAIR
Thin cut SLIT
Thing to drive off RAMP
Tristan’s love ISOLDE
Type of modern fiber OPTIC
Ukrainian capital KIEV
Undesired turnout NONE
Use a spoon and bowl STIR
Varied assortment OLIO
Vending machine feature SLOT
Vessels for caterers URNS
Visualized SAW
Well-toned condition FITNESS
Wild fight MELEE
___ to (in on) PRIVY