Universal – May 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“As It ___” (2022 Harry Styles hit) WAS
“Go back,” on a computer UNDO
“Neighbor” in a Studio Ghibli film TOTORO
“Some things never change,” e.g TRUISM
“Under the weather,” e.g IDIOM
“What the ___!” HECK
Administered RAN
Bring in, as money EARN
Brought on board HIRED
Bun and bob, briefly DOS
Calligraphy detail SERIF
Campus march grp ROTC
Careless speed HASTE
CD-___ ROM
Cleverly dodge EVADE
Concepts IDEAS
Conclusion to the Greek alphabet OMEGA
Contact lens care brand RENU
Disney film featuring Samoan song lyrics MOANA
Double-dares, say EGGSON
Drink made with protein powder, perhaps SHAKE
Easy gaits TROTS
Egg cells OVA
Energy, in Eastern philosophy CHI
Enthusiastic AVID
Faucet TAP
Feed bag morsel OAT
Felt sore ACHED
Fortified SECURED
He travels with Cupid RUDOLPH
In the style of ALA
Instant noodles directive, and a hint to fixing the starred clues JUSTADDWATER
Island in southern Florida KEYWEST
Judges to be DEEMS
Judi Dench’s title DAME
Kid (around) JOKE
La Brea ___ Pits TAR
Like blue lobsters, compared to red ones RARER
Like raw gems UNCUT
Lodge-building animal BEAVER
Love, in Lima AMOR
Mah-jongg suit that’s also a plant BAMBOO
Menu for Cut and Paste EDIT
Most impulsive RASHEST
Neighbor of Montana IDAHO
Not fooled by WISETO
Not just check, in poker RAISE
Of Machu Picchu’s mountain range ANDEAN
Once more ANEW
Part of a wheel or drum RIM
Person in a cast ACTOR
Pickleball court barrier NET
Pigeon call COO
Poem full of praise ODE
Recede EBB
Ref. work started in 1857 OED
Salad bar implement TONGS
Sight seer? EYE
Small role in “Avengers: Endgame”? ANTMAN
Southeast Asian root TARO
Space travelers: Abbr ETS
The way, in Eastern philosophy TAO
They whistle while they work REFS
Total SUM
Total strangers, informally RANDOS
Treeless plain STEPPE
Warty animal TOAD
Web portal that uses Bing MSN
Well resource OIL
Wood hidden in “cloakrooms” OAK
Wood hidden in “washrooms” ASH
WordPress creation BLOG
Work as a mall elf, e.g TEMP
Zamboni surface ICE
___-Manuel Miranda LIN

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