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Universal – May 2 2018

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Clues Answers
“Aw, man!” DANG
“By the ___ token …” SAME
“Flashdance” singer Cara IRENE
“Graven” thing IMAGE
“O Mio Babbino Caro,” e.g ARIA
“Out of Time” band REM
Alters writing EMENDS
Applaud CLAP
Bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Barely earned (with “out”) EKED
Be beaten LOSE
Big name in fruit DOLE
Big name in PCs DELL
Bit of butter PAT
Brings joy to ELATES
Captain’s writings LOG
Certain wind EASTERLY
Cheep housing? NESTS
Cold coaster SLED
Corded weapon BOLA
Detective Pinkerton ALLAN
Distressed UPSET
Early Roman emperor NERO
Egg mishap sound SPLAT
Elite violin AMATI
Fish catchers NETS
General vicinities AREAS
Get ready early? PREPACK
Give forth, as light EMIT
Hallucinogenic drug LSD
Have a cow CALVE
Head swiveler NECK
How icy hosts make one feel LESSTHANWELCOME
Investor’s concerns RISKS
Jackson or Pappas MILT
Kin of kin KITH
Clues Answers
Land unit ACRE
Letters that revolve PSI
Line of rotation AXIS
Lively dance SAMBA
Low down singer? BASSO
Lump over a peeper STYE
Mass. school MIT
Matches a poker raise SEES
Minimalist’s declaration THATSLESSLIKEIT
Much-needed blessing GODSEND
Nautical direction ALEE
Not quite a U.S. president MILLARDFILLLESS
Parkinson’s drug LDOPA
Pickle variety DILL
Plaster for painters GESSO
Poker fee ANTE
Prefix with “profit” NON
Protective seed coat TESTA
Rainy WET
Repeated sound ECHO
Shade TINT
Show attentiveness SITUP
Sleep disturbances NOISES
Slithery sea creatures EELS
Some Central Europeans SLOVAKS
Starch from a palm SAGO
Starch, briefly CARB
Streep’s “Choice” role SOPHIE
Temporarily provide LEND
Tykes TOTS
U-turn from acid ALKALI
Udder part TEAT
Wee toy assembler ELF
Will topic ESTATE
___ gin fizz SLOE
___ vera ALOE
___ Wee Reese PEE