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Universal – May 2 2019

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Clues Answers
“All kidding ___ …” ASIDE
“Yay!” syllable RAH
🙂 and 🙁 don’t have them NOSES
Accountant’s assignment AUDIT
Arrival announcement ITSME
Asian New Year TET
Author Zola EMILE
Back in fashion RETRO
Bad day for Caesar IDES
Be sick AIL
Bird song critics? TRILLJUDGES
Black gemstone ONYX
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Buffet server’s exasperated words to a gluttonous patron? ICANTHEAPIT
Burnt barbecue bit END
Catch sight of SPY
Classy guy on parole? FREEDGENT
Clergymen after big meals? FULLPARSONS
Cloth bag DUFFEL
Compete VIE
Coy comeback ARENTI
Dined ATE
Do a flour task SIFT
Equal to face value ATPAR
Espionage org CIA
Evaluate ASSAY
Expressive dog part TAIL
Flesh-bone connector? AND
Green side dish, and a hint to this grid’s eighth-column letter swaps TOSSEDSALAD
Have ___ in (influence) ASAY
Here, in Spanish AQUI
Holiday in the music industry? BILLIE
Hot pastrami seller DELI
Human, for one APE
Identified PEGGED
In the past AGO
Italian dumplings GNOCCHI
Java neighbor BALI
Job-terminating declaration IQUIT
Kool or Band follower AID
Land cultivation, or cultivated land TILLAGE
Last Stuart dynasty queen ANNE
Last: Abbr ULT
Leopard features SPOTS
Like some paper and pockets LINED
Lowest clock number SIX
Moses parted it REDSEA
Muse of history CLIO
Night before EVE
Not pro- ANTI
Nourish FEED
Often-patterned garment TIE
Online finance site ELOAN
Online letters EMAILS
Pedicure digit TOE
Pie chart inputs DATA
Ponder MULL
Popular aquarium fish TETRA
Schoolchild’s ride BUS
Senators’ golf course helpers? IRONAIDES
Sentry’s warning HALT
She may cry “Uncle!” NIECE
Sick ILL
Stir ADO
Tennis star Rafael NADAL
Tiny bit IOTA
Trolls’ relatives OGRES
Unfavorable vote NAY
Unpleasantly sharp ACRID
Up to, for short TIL
Victorian ___ ERA
Warnings ALERTS
What bloodhounds love to do SNIFF
Where kids make s’mores ATCAMP
Windows to the soul, supposedly EYES
___ alai JAI