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Universal – May 2 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“All Songs Considered” network NPR
“By ___!” GEORGE
“Cool beans!” NEATO
“I expected better” syllable TSK
“This spells trouble!” UHOH
“We ___ the Champions” ARE
*1966 Truman Capote novel INCOLDBLOOD
*Game with virtual rosters FANTASYBASEBALL
*Harry Potter’s godfather SIRIUSBLACK
*Serving at Popeyes CHICKENLEGS
2019 World Series champs, briefly NATS
Act hastily RUSH
Alleviated EASED
Arizona athlete, and a hint to what can follow the starred answers’ last words DIAMONDBACK
Attack, as a castle STORM
Azaria of “Brockmire” HANK
Berserk AMOK
Bob Crane character of classic TV HOGAN
Branch of Islam SHIA
Breaking one is risky LAW
Clog-clearing brand DRANO
Compete VIE
Coup d’___ ETAT
Crush, like potatoes MASH
Designer label letters DKNY
Dismissal, as from an office REMOVAL
Doe’s mate STAG
Does some roofing TARS
Emmy-winning Phoebe Waller-Bridge series FLEABAG
End of Craigslist’s URL ORG
Estimates QUOTES
Formally withdraw SECEDE
Gold, in Spanish ORO
H.S. subject often paired with Gov ECON
High figs. for brainiacs IQS
Holds up ROBS
Home to the University of South Florida TAMPA
Indian outfit SARI
Internet pioneer AOL
Jazz singer Sarah VAUGHAN
Just slightly ABIT
Kent State’s state OHIO
Little one TOT
Madagascar primate LEMUR
Manned the oars ROWED
Monopoly token until 2013 IRON
Nonreactive INERT
Not on land ASEA
Often-urgent request PLEA
One after another INTURN
Outside the box? USED
Pencil stump NUB
Point-and-click shopping ETAIL
Potters’ materials CLAYS
Presidential monogram within “federal” FDR
Prince Harry’s alma mater ETON
Proceeding as scheduled ONTRACK
Purchase bonds, say INVEST
Really like DIG
Repetitive vocalization CHANT
Result of a ticket FINE
Rickman of “Die Hard” ALAN
Rink whistle-blowers REFS
River delta sediment SILT
Shakespearean volume FOLIO
Shape of a certain neckline VEE
Soothing application SALVE
Stat for a DH RBI
Swedish automaker VOLVO
Ted of “Monk” LEVINE
Tennis legend Bjorn BORG
The “M” in MSG MONO
Two nibbles, in computer science BYTE
U-turn from SSW NNE
Winfrey’s production company HARPO
Word before “color” or “contact” EYE