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Universal – May 20 2018

Published in USA Today Crossword. Tags: , , , , , , , .

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Clues Answers
“Ars ___ artis” GRATIA
“Major ___” (Wayans film) PAYNE
“My Cherie ___” AMOUR
“Polloi” lead-in HOI
“To Sir With Love” warbler LULU
“Unforgettable” singers COLES
90 degrees from fore-and-aft ABEAM
Agricultural pest APHID
Andean plants COCAS
Arlberg Pass viewing ALP
Australian parrots LORIES
Book after Ex LEV
Brothers’ keeper? ABBOT
Burrowing critters MOLES
Buttonhole’s placement LAPEL
Claimed sans proof ALLEGED
Classic car co REO
Cleaned one’s plate? ATE
Duos divided in two? SOLOS
Elvis shook his PELVIS
Esteem mightily VALUE
Fancy gown fabric MOIRE
Flashback time EARLIER
Freezer contents ICE
Fully equipped ABLE
Go over anew ITERATE
Hangs open GAPES
Heavy weights TONS
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
Hrs. in New York EST
In need of company LONESOME
Indian bread (var.) NAN
It connects points of equal height CONTOURLINE
It has a keeper INN
Legitimate VALID
Less sullied PURER
Clues Answers
Like Copperfield’s world? MAGICAL
Like sparkly gems CRYSTALLINE
Make one’s case ARGUE
Measurement of neediness POVERTYLINE
Mediterranean island MINORCA
Mini-beard GOATEE
More uptight UNEASIER
Musician Morissette ALANIS
Musician Richie LIONEL
Need-to-try-harder grade DEE
Numbers person CPA
Old battle site near Philly PAOLI
Pawnbrokes? LENDS
Place for pampering SPA
Poem of homage ODE
Purchaser BUYER
Reached, as a goal MET
Secret or cleaning thing AGENT
Sierra ___ LEONE
Skating jumps AXELS
Smoking alternative NON
Soft volley return LOB
Some sacrificers BUNTERS
Speakers’ stands PODIA
State of change FLUX
Trig angle ARCSINE
Trudge along FOOTSLOG
Unrefined people BOORS
Vinyl in a jacket ALBUM
Wake from sleep ROUSE
Wall backer STUD
What some investors are in it for? LONGHAUL
White House address, period? GOV
William Pitt’s place CHATHAM
Without assistance ALONE
World power until 1991 USSR
___-Wan Kenobi OBI