Universal – May 21 2018

Clues Answers
“… ___ a lender be” NOR
“2001” creatures APES
“Bejabbers!” relative EGAD
“It’s ___-win situation” ANO
“Otherwise …” IFNOT
“___ a good example” SETA
12 what or less? ITEMS
Actor Kilmer VAL
Air-cushion vehicles HOVERCRAFTS
All adhesives BONDERS
Assayed material ORE
Atlanta health org CDC
Bad blood RANCOR
Banned bug spray DDT
Biblical tower BABEL
Big envelope securer CLASP
Carpentry joint MITER
Cattle raiser RANCHER
Challenging one? DARER
Club entrance fee COVERCHARGE
Contribution provider DONOR
Countrified RUSTIC
Creator of waves OAR
Delete ERASE
Do some shoe repair RESOLE
Doherty or McLain DENNY
Dote upon ADORE
Fall collection? LEAVES
Former Parisian bills FRANCS
Four-wheeler, briefly ATV
Hair unit TRESS
Hesitates BALKS
Hilarious text letters? LOL
Impressive highway formations CLOVERLEAFS
In a strange manner ODDLY
Clues Answers
It’s sailable SEA
Jim-dandies LULUS
Leadership wheel? HELM
Led a game show EMCEED
Lend a hand AID
Locates visually SEES
Magnate NABOB
Make very happy ELATE
Mob member RIOTER
Nonstick stuff TEFLON
Olympic swords EPEES
Part of a quarter? TAILS
Pastor’s excited blog letters? OMG
Perfume quality ESSENCE
Person’s digit TOE
Pigpens STIES
Race variety RELAY
Repeat a performance DOOVERAGAIN
Sci-fi great Arthur C. CLARKE
Score X 100 pounds TON
Secondhand deal RESALE
Shortstop’s gaffe ERROR
Singular 53-Across STY
Sixth-grader, typically PRETEEN
Sketch over REDRAW
Some Apple products IPHONES
Spot broadcast PROMO
The FBI’s Ness ELIOT
Three from beyond the arc TREY
Type of elephant ROGUE
Underwater skate part FIN
Union no more SOVIET
Unpleasantly high-pitched SHRILL
What makes waste? HASTE
Wise Athenian lawgiver SOLON

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