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Universal – May 22 2018

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Clues Answers
“Como ___ usted?” ESTA
“How can I ___ thank you?” EVER
“Let stand” command STET
“Mani” go-with PEDI
“Sacro” follower ILIAC
Accident responders EMTS
Active keyboardist? TYPER
Advertising award CLIO
Anagram of 29-Down ORC
Being supportive, dog-style? YELPINGTHECAUSE
Best men offer them TOASTS
Broke couple? EXES
Brooder’s perch ROOST
Carolers’ offerings NOELS
Celebrate a dog’s birthday? BARKTHEOCCASION
City in Oklahoma TULSA
Coastal hunter SEAEAGLE
Common operating system UNIX
Continental cash EURO
Creamy color ECRU
Curve underfoot ARCH
Defrost THAW
Difficult burden ONUS
Electrolyte bit ION
Emulate a rat GNAW
Extremely high, price-wise STEEP
Farm females EWES
Fibula neighbor TIBIA
Fox drama EMPIRE
Grandiose, film-wise EPIC
Head liner? HAT
High concept ARTY
Industry sector TECH
Infuriated IRATE
Jackson 5 member TITO
John the Pilgrim ALDEN
Kept ___ (held off) ATBAY
Clues Answers
Lady’s animated friend TRAMP
Languish, as in jail ROT
Late actor Christopher REEVE
Lei person’s dance? HULA
Libra gem OPAL
Like a bright night sky STARRY
Like rich soil LOAMY
Lousy eggs? NITS
Mikita or Lee STAN
Miscalculation ERROR
More than needed EXTRA
Movie music SCORE
Mythical elephant-eater ROC
Natural fly traps WEBS
Neighbor of Venus EARTH
Nervous contractions TICS
One running past yards? HALFBACK
Overindulge on grub GORGE
Oversupply GLUT
Paris cleric ABBE
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Rates of speed, in music TEMPI
Rational SANE
Run after CHASE
Seed cover ARIL
Shingles and a mail carrier? WOOFINGMATERIAL
Short note LINE
Shuttle seals ORINGS
Slam dunk’s worth TWO
St. John’s thing WORT
Subway entrance STILE
Suffix with “musket” EERS
They reveal inside info XRAYS
Two over a birdie BOGEY
Type of dog or devil SLY
Type of intuition WOMANS
Very boggy or muddy MIRY
Warehouse worker’s shoe part TOECAP