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Universal – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
A.D. part DOMINI
African language BANTU
Average fellow SHMO
Benjamin Button’s respectful pause? SECONDOFSILENCE
Big wine holder TUN
Bride-to-be’s stop ALTAR
Butt-on-couch IDLE
Certain Columbus ship NINA
Chaplin’s prop CANE
Cheap hooches ROTGUTS
Copenhagen cash KRONE
Cowboy’s lasso RIATA
Crooks, in police-speak PERPS
Daring GUTSY
Downloadable gizmo APP
Fancy violin, briefly STRAD
Farm tower SILO
Feminine pronoun SHE
Former electronics co RCA
Geological period EON
Gets undrunk (with “up”) SOBERS
Greek letters PSIS
Haggardly thin GAUNT
Hairy mountain mystery YETI
Hard to plow, perhaps STONY
Have an edge against ABUT
Himalayan native NEPALI
Hole-in-one ACE
In a lather, old-style HETUP
Indicates the way POINTS
Jewish month ADAR
Kaput DEAD
Leave in STET
Lessen in intensity ABATE
Like oil on the floor SLICK
March toy KITE
Minders of your business YENTAS
Modern medical slicer LASER
Clues Answers
Namely, fancy TOWIT
Newspaper bigwig EDITOR
Nones, to Benjamin Button? CANONICALMINUTE
Not abridged UNCUT
Not just inhale GASP
Nut variety (var.) LITCHI
Old Egyptian ruler PHARAOH
Old Russian monarch TSAR
On a train ABOARD
Organic stuff in soil HUMUS
Place for jumpin’ Jazz UTAH
Reclines LIES
Relief pitching brand? TUMS
Resist DEFY
Sci-fi vehicles UFOS
Sharpshooter Oakley ANNIE
Shout of warning DUCK
Sonoran nosh TACO
Start of a drumbeat RATA
Std. clock setting GST
Stereo? Not quite MONO
Strip on the highway MEDIAN
Sub device SONAR
Summoned ride UBER
Tea unit, old chap SPOT
Thanksgiving staples YAMS
The acne years TEENS
Tousle MUSS
Twosome DYAD
Uniting phrase IDO
Very dry SERE
Violent scene RIOT
Water blocker DAM
Way out yonder AFAR
Werner Erhard’s gp EST
What Benjamin Button does Jan. 1? RINGINTHENEWDAY
X-ray units RADS
Yakking to listeners ONAIR