Universal – May 24 2018

Clues Answers
“Crocodile Dundee” dude HOGAN
“Fixer Upper” couple GAINES
“Hooray!” kin YIPPEE
8,000 ounces X 4 TON
A DiMaggio DOM
A Peron EVA
A-peeling place? SPA
Advance crabbily SIDLE
Advanced degree MBA
Animal’s pie hole MAW
Bedtime-story word UPON
Bide one’s time AWAIT
Bit of a giggle TEHEE
Blow-out wins ROMPS
Boardwalk constructions PIERS
Bounce house relatives TRAMPOLINES
Bowling target PIN
Campus bosses DEANS
Charles Dutton sitcom ROC
Cries copiously WEEPS
Easy infield out POPUP
Enthusiasm plus GUSTO
Express thoughts OPINE
Failed 1860s govt CSA
Filled with info NEWSY
First-of-the-month payer RENTER
Fishing spinners REELS
Giraffelike creatures OKAPIS
Girl Scouts unit TROOP
Give some pizzazz to ENLIVEN
Goldman go-with SACHS
Important, as issues WEIGHTY
Incite to action EGGON
Indigent POOR
Jabber in a line ELBOW
Joyous, ancient AGLEE
Clues Answers
Keep getting fresh looks? REDYE
Kicking back ATREST
Kinda round OVOID
Krone fraction ORE
Like bad traffic STOPGO
Made merry REVELED
Major hassle ORDEAL
More irritating PESKIER
Most nervous EDGIEST
My boy, to me SON
Nail shooter GUN
Needle case ETUI
Numbered composition OPUS
Outdoor accommodations CAMPGROUNDS
Pacific island nation NAURU
Plant used medicinally SENNA
Positions ORIENTS
Pot companion PAN
Publicizer of yore PAMPHLETEER
Romulus’ brother REMUS
Second transaction RESALE
Shiny fabric SATEEN
Shock partner AWE
Some Greek consonants NUS
South Dakota capital PIERRE
State of want DESIRE
Stop doing END
Sudden desires URGES
Surrounded by sharks ATSEA
Taste or flavor SAPOR
Theater arrangements ROWS
They ridicule with satire LAMPOONISTS
Type of module or orbit LUNAR
Visit unannounced POPIN
Wagner works OPERAS
Weedy fiber? HEMP
Work at a flea market RESELL

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