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Universal – May 24 2019

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Clues Answers
“Enough!”… or how to make sense of each starred answer CUTITOUT
“Forbidden” perfume TABU
“My bad!” OOPS
“The Sun ___ Rises” ALSO
“___ that special?!” ISNT
(Hey … over here!) PSST
*Beekeeper’s injury SITTING
*Not obvious SUBTITLE
*On the throne REIGNITING
*Religious houses PRIORITIES
*Sun shade VISITOR
Animal known for its laugh HYENA
Approaching, in poetry NIGH
Assisted at checkout BAGGED
Back of a boat STERN
Ballet move LEAP
Bear witness ATTEST
Become tiresome WEAR
Bedtime drink NIGHTCAP
Black ___ (deadly biter) MAMBA
Blood-typing letters ABO
Calamitous TRAGIC
Care for NURSE
Castle defense MOAT
Chop finely MINCE
Classified work notice? WANTAD
Competing VYING
Cover with graffiti, say MAR
Cows’ abodes BARNS
Crows’ homes NESTS
Culminating point APEX
Dentist’s directive RINSE
Discharge, as light EMIT
Driver’s license and others: Abbr IDS
Economist Smith ADAM
Egyptian boy king TUT
Eschews SHUNS
Eyeball-bending works OPART
Gel-producing succulent ALOE
Glorify EXALT
Happy-sounding building support IBEAM
Hats, slangily LIDS
Help with a job? ABET
Hitching post? ALTAR
Honoree’s spot DAIS
How grapefruit may taste BITTER
In ___ of LIEU
Ink type that’s also a country INDIA
Intensifies, with “up” AMPS
Kind of appeal SNOB
Knee-ankle connector SHIN
Knight’s ride STEED
Landlord’s due RENT
Lowly laborer PEON
Mah-jongg piece TILE
Model Campbell NAOMI
O. Henry’s “The Gift of the ___” MAGI
On ___ (without a contract) SPEC
Peter, Paul or Mary SAINT
Property claims LIENS
Rumple MUSS
Share a ___ (soda slogan) COKE
Sleep study topic, briefly REM
Small M&Ms size MINI
Spot on a die PIP
Striped candy shape CANE
Strummed instruments, for short UKES
They have their pluses and minuses IONS
Timbuktu’s land MALI
Treaty subject ARMS
What ghosts do HAUNT
Wheel turners AXLES
Zero key neighbor NINE
___ pressure PEER