Universal – May 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Boom Boom ___” (Black Eyed Peas song) POW
“Dear” HON
“Hey,” in the library PSST
“In ___ of gifts …” LIEU
“Just kidding!” NOT
“Never mind” OHFORGETIT
“Superman” actor Christopher REEVE
’80s sitcom character from Melmac ALF
*”The Thinker” sculptor (Last 4 letters) AUGUSTERODIN
*Line inspired by a scene? (Note this answer’s last 4 letters) IHATEDRAMA
*Wagner piece played at weddings (Last 5 letters) BRIDALCHORUS
*Warrants a “TMI” (Last 4 letters) OVERSHARES
Beautifies ADORNS
Beginning of a new episode, often RECAP
Blessing … or, read differently, a theme hint GODSEND
British fellow CHAP
Bunch of quail BEVY
Button for beginning a video game START
Certain research reviewer PEER
China as a whole? DISHES
Colorado ski town ASPEN
Dairy farm sound MOO
Dandelions’ supports STEMS
Depose OUST
Dude BRO
Farewell that’s bid ADIEU
Fidget spinners, e.g FAD
Future ferns SPORES
Gives for a time LENDS
Graph line AXIS
Greek letters that sound like a flower RHOS
Hi-___ monitor RES
House that needs work FIXERUPPER
How a Reuben is served ONRYE
Iconic chef Julia CHILD
In this spot HERE
Intros to many videos? ADS
Is behind financially OWES
It may lead to a call in poker RAISE
Kimono sash OBI
Layer of paint COAT
Manipulate USE
Meat safety concern ECOLI
Midwestern capital that shares no letters with its state PIERRE
Minor criticism NIT
Oasis drinker CAMEL
Of hearing AURAL
Olympic blades EPEES
Orator’s platform DAIS
PC key under X ALT
Place for a pinch CHEEK
Place to get mud on your face … in a good way SPA
Pro-vegan org PETA
Pungent ACRID
Qualifier that the K.C. Royals won in ’15 ALCS
Repeat … peat … peat ECHO
Rider’s strap REIN
Scottish group CLAN
Some transition from sitting to standing DESKS
Something fake SHAM
Soup often served with bean sprouts PHO
Speed skater Jackson ERIN
Swirly snack cake HOHO
Tibetan capital LHASA
TikTok or Spotify APP
Tolkien creatures with pointy ears ELVES
Totals up ADDS
Tricks RUSES
Tuba, e.g HORN
Water ___ (aquatic sport) POLO
Well-chosen APT
What ebbs and flows TIDE
Word before “rug” or “map” AREA
You or me HUMAN

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