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Universal – May 25 2018

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Clues Answers
“Cycle” attachment UNI
“Good” mob guy FELLA
“Home” attachment STEAD
“Many years ___ …” AGO
“Render ___ Caesar …” UNTO
Accustom to hardship INURE
Alda and Jackson ALANS
Alley dog CUR
Any police car UNIT
Apologetic SORRY
Attitude giveaway TONE
Beasts like Shrek OGRES
Big name in keyboards YAMAHA
Big-time auditors IRS
Brewing vessels TEAPOTS
Bunch of ships FLEET
Carpet securers TACKS
Caulks over RESEALS
Certain sib SIS
Chef’s linking phrase ALA
City in Australia PERTH
Come to a total ADDUP
Communicator of go-getter verbs? ACTIVEVOICE
Compass dir NNE
Constructs ERECTS
Distance measure MILE
Do exactly as another ACTINUNISON
Docent GUIDE
Draw TIE
Early school lesson ABC
Facts and whatnot ACTUALITIES
Fair grade CEE
Foamy coffee orders LATTES
Folk medicine plant BONESET
Former Venetian magistrate DOGE
Gin flavor SLOE
Goes hungry STARVES

Clues Answers
Harps’ kin, way back LYRES
Impressive car engine HEMI
Lair DEN
Large container VAT
Less than twice ONCE
Like cold champagne ONICE
Like modern cameras DIGITAL
Lumber producers TREES
Most flavored with a certain herb SAGIEST
Nabisco cookies OREOS
No longer confined LOOSE
Old Toyota model TERCEL
One-time VCR maker RCA
Overthrow USURP
Palindromic belief TENET
Part of a web address DOT
Parts of software installations ACTIVATIONS
Prefix for recyclers? ECO
Puncture sound SSS
Quick haircut TRIM
Religious council SYNOD
Riding on ATOP
Rocky ___ (ice cream flavor) ROAD
Rowing thing OAR
Sailor’s jacket PEACOAT
Simple bed COT
Sot’s sound HIC
Speaker company SONOS
Spinning wheel attachment DISTAFF
Stopwatch button RESET
Sweater variety KNIT
Took public transportation BUSED
U-turn from ivory EBONY
Utterly destroys RUINS
Vet for humans DOC
Wedding phrase IDO
Weeks in a year, to Nero LII
With no warmth at all ICILY
Working duck decoy LURER