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Universal – May 26 2018

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Clues Answers
“Grand” island CAYMAN
“Land” attachment SCAPED
“What’s ___ to like?” NOT
“___ seen it before” IVE
200-meter event RACE
Americans in Mexico, e.g ANGLOS
Aquatic birds TERNS
Arizona attraction GRANDCANYON
Atom with a charge ION
Bard’s twilight EEN
Biblical tower locale BABEL
Bit of mudslinging SLUR
Cambodian’s neighbor LAO
Cash alternative CREDIT
Castle inhabitants ROYALS
Chaney of horror LON
Chicken-king filler ALA
Cocoon contents PUPAE
Comaneci of gymnastics NADIA
Con man’s cohort SHILL
Devoted to pleasure HEDONIC
Dryer buildup LINT
Egyptian city CAIRO
Emotionally distant ALOOF
Engine disk CAM
Facial hair BEARD
Fairy-tale boy HANSEL
Farm with a brand RANCH
Flood controller LEVEE
From another galaxy ALIEN
General drift TREND
Glass-shaded light TIFFANYLAMP
Godly name YAHWEH
Gold or silver guy? SMITH
Grade to improve DEE
Hat tipper DOFFER
Human digits DACTYLS
Clues Answers
If-possible link ATALL
Inverse trig function ARCSIN
Involving the ankle TARSAL
Isn’t buying it? RENTS
It’ll make you sweat SAUNA
It’s in old poems TIS
Jesus rejector INN
Jungle primate APE
Lady of Andy Capp FLO
Like corporate policies COMPANYWIDE
Like gems with lots of cuts MANYFACETED
Love and how ADORE
Luster SHEEN
Makes straight TRUES
Many adults MEN
Marked with stripes LINEATE
Messing up on TV? DEBRA
Minor argument SPAT
Motorcycle accessory SIDECAR
NBA legend Karl MALONE
Nighttime noise SNORE
Org. for dentists ADA
Puts cargo on board LADES
Record listings? CRIMES
Red planet MARS
Secretive burial place CRYPT
Store dividers AISLES
Striking red color TITIAN
Tabloid subject SCANDAL
Tears for ___ FEARS
Tree bearing beans CACAO
Unpack a truck OFFLOAD
Very cold ICY
Vine for Tarzan LIANA
Wet arm? INLET
With ___ to the ground ANEAR
Yemeni port ADEN